Betty Sue

There are those things in your life that you just do.  Something comes over you or you just spot something across the room (or pasture as the case may be) and that moment is pivotal in your life.  My first horse that was my very own was golden buckskin (for you non-horse people that is a horse with the gold color of a palomino but with a black mane and tail).  I named him Brandy and he was the thing I loved most for many, many years.

I was just scrolling away one evening and spotted this foal.  I have been obsessed with finding a horse for me since Kid’s last days.  Since our jump back into the horse business in 2003 with purchase of Kid and Mickey from the rescue, I have ridden Kid.  As he got older and less able to do all the things I wanted I have settled with riding whomever needed to be worked.  I broke our mare Mariah but she was to be Lauren’s horse.  I have ridden ponies which we went on to sell and spent a lot of time riding Snow and Mick.

I have been looking for sometime for a mare so I could breed it to Feather’s sire.  Not a one of them seemed right.  Then I glimpsed this days old filly and knew immediately this was what I had waited over ten years to find.

Special Occasion GES, just a few days old here.

Special Occasion GES, just a few days old here.

This filly is by an Oldenburg stallion out of a Czech Warmblood mare.  I don’t think she could be more perfect.  I get my buckskin coloring, Ally gets her paint markings and Lauren gets a horse breed for movement, athletic ability and jumping prowess ( assuming I ever let Lauren ride her).


Showing how she floats along.

Showing how she floats along.

The baby is in my home state of Colorado and will not be ready to go until October.  We are still trying to figure out exactly how that will work.  If I trailer her home you can bet on snow storms, road closures due to ice, a tropical storm or a broken down truck.  Might be better to find someone to go get her.


Trying to bend those little knees to get to the fresh spring grass.

Trying to bend those little knees to get to the fresh spring grass.

Here is a video of her and I think she is darling!

We are adding a stall to our barn so it will be ready when she comes.  Her registered name will be Special Occasion GES.   She was born on April 1st, which is same birthday as the girl’s other grandma.   Her barn name will be Betty Sue after both grandma Betty and my sister Betty.  With my new place, my beautiful foal and my happy family, I will certainly have all I have ever wanted.

Sorry for all the gushing but I am SO excited.

Thanks for riding along, you can bet you will be seeing lots of pictures of lil’ Betty Sue.

2 thoughts on “Betty Sue

  1. Omg she is simply adorable!!!! Perfect filly with a perfect name for my perfect friend! And for anyone who sees this Brandy was all that and then some!

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