Is this a Vacation?

Back on Bruno.

Back on Bruno.

I am supposed to be on a week’s vacation.  My blood counts have been off, too low, and I have really planned to eat a lot of iron rich foods and rest.  Mostly I have been running the roads between here and Wharton.  Friday, after some more blood work, I took Kena, my Doberman to Wharton Vet.  She had been limping around since running with horses on Wednesday.  Turns out she had a major laceration in the pad of her foot which took several staples to close.  And it was infected.  Nothing like a three-legged Doberman.

Poor Kena!

Poor Kena!

I ran down to the nursing home Sunday with the grand kids, to find mom sound asleep. Then I drove home .  Lots of driving.  Monday dawned with the clear realization that my older dachshund Lula was in great pain.  You could not touch her.  I raced her down to Wharton Vet and left her so I could get back to the house where Dr. Criner was coming to check Bruno.  She had Lauren ride him.  He went well, it seems the hoof issues in front that have plagued him for years are resolved, but his hind left leg was not moving well.  We decided to inject both of his stifles.  Hopefully that puts him on the mend.  Meanwhile, Wharton Vet called with the horrible news that Lula’s back was fractured.  OMG!  This dog is ten years old and been all over the country with me.

She is on crate rest with steroids and painkillers.  I drive back to Wharton tomorrow for a recheck on Lula and to take out Kena’s staples.  Geez!  At least I getting lots of opportunities to visit mom.

Today it was time to take momma back to the orthopedic doc.  Her cast was removed ( her elbow still horribly swollen) and she was sent off to x-ray. Some healing is taking place, her skin looks good and it is back in the cast for another four weeks.

Momma getting her newest cast on.

Momma getting her newest cast on.


We spotted Lauren’s back doctor in the hall and asked if we could speak with him.  Lauren is in horrible pain since the horse show.  They had already put Lauren in a room when I brought mom down the hall in the wheelchair in her fresh pink cast.  The staff asked anxiously, “did she fall?”  I said yes.  I think they were panic-stricken that this tiny lady had just fallen and was being sent to the back surgeon.  No worries, we were just with the young lady.

The back doctor told Lauren and I clearly that he had no way to make her pain go away.  No surgery would be effective now.  It would be best if she quit riding.  I indicated that wasn’t really an option.  He was quite adamant.  It was devastating.  We will try more PT, more drugs and another doctor. I felt so bad for Lauren, this is her whole life.

Tomorrow back for more blood work, dogs back to vet, stop at mom’s then Dev comes to see our place for the first time.  Maybe we will talk him into a ride on Bruno!

Keep this little band of problems in your prayers.  I am getting a fruity drink, a good book and hang out on the porch pretending I am on vacation tomorrow!

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