Getting Used to it

I figured that the best way to get happier when I am grieving for my old friend, Kid, was to take a little trail ride.  It was Friday.  We were supposed to be jumping with joy over closing on our new house but alas all the papers are not complete so we continue to wait.

Off for a ride on Mickey.

Off for a ride on Mickey.

Lauren headed off to Dallas to look at some horses for a friend.  Ally was having her girls weekend in Matagorda.  Even Jordyn was too busy for granny with a cousins weekend planned at her other granny’s.   I had three days stretched out before with nothing but more packing and cleaning ahead of me.

I spent dinner with my mom.  She was crying when I came into her room.  She told me that her husband, Jim, forgot to come by and see her today.  (He hasn’t seen her since December but what does it matter?). I got her convinced he would be by soon and she perked up.

When I had fed the horses and the long Friday evening still stood ahead of me, I thought what the heck, I am taking a ride.  It would be far better than the ghosts of Kid I was seeing every time I looked around the barn.  It is dangerous to ride alone especially when your nearest kin is several counties away but I put on my helmet secured my cell phone, grabbed the poodle and off we went.


As always sitting in a saddle is better than about anything on earth.  Add to that I was asking Mickey for a little speed and you find it is hard to be sad when you are careening down a trail at warp speed. And yes, Mickey still has warp speed.  After our little terrifying run, I was breathless and adrenaline laced.  Everything looked brighter.  I noticed spring had finally come.  The corn was sticking its head above ground for the first time and the were fifty shades of green.

The corn looking up to the sky.

The corn looking up to the sky.

The rest of the weekend went quickly with lots to clean (does anyone really need five pairs of Davis splint boots or four colors of SMB boots?). Apparently, we do.  They are all clean and packed along with every single blanket, sheet, or turnout that the horses covered in mud this year.  Yes, all clean and organized. I am beginning to see some hoarding characteristics coming through with Lauren.  I think Mickey’s wardrobe consists of over 15 sheets, blankets, turnout, award sheets and coolers.  Thank God Feather can wear them!

Thanks for riding along and a prayer that Six Meadow Farm gets moved SOON, would be much appreciated!

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