Pin Oak ride. Pin Oak Win!

The doctor told Lauren that she could exercise her horses on the flat, like walk, trot, canter, don’t fall off.  Then walk, trot, canter other direction, still no falling off.  Get off.  Take horse to barn. So, what did she think would be a good way to get back in the saddle again?  Well, of course riding hot, fresh, giant Bruno bareback.  Only good news I have here is that Bruno was pretty quiet.  Lauren tired of this fun and I went back for his saddle and off they went again.

Bruno has never (and probably won’t ever be)  an easy guy to ride. And with two month.’s rest, he was ready to run. Off they went with Bruno flipping his tail in agitation and Lauren sitting quietly with a big smile on her face. Of course, just to keep things at the peak of excitement, Kona felt he should chase and   bark at the big horse all the way around the arena.  If an ape ever gets loose in the show ring with Bruno or Feather, there will be no worries.  They don’t even notice him any more.

Here is a link to the Friday ride on Bruno.  See if you can spot where he almost starts bucking.  We have so much fun here.

We got a text from our friend Kathy to see if Lauren wanted to come up to show and hack horses for her and trainer Trapp. No question about that, we changed clothes fast and headed to Katy.

Kathy and Lauren, on Ky, in such of a quiet ring to ride in.

Kathy and Lauren, on Ky, in search of a quiet ring to ride in.

Lauren called the big, imported gelding, Ky, amazing to ride.  She wanted to buy him but I told her, we would need to chose between a house and a horse and it is hard to cook or take showers  if you spend all your money on a horse.  Really, just pointing that out.

Lauren having a wonderful time on an amazing horse.

Lauren having a wonderful time on an amazing horse.

I headed home after Lauren’s ride to see my mom who has been sick and pack some more boxes.  Lauren stayed on for the night’s Grand Prix competition.  Kathy and Trapp have a partnership on a horse named Capitano.  He had been coming along well in his training but had yet to win a GP on the caliber of Pin Oak.

A large field of riders was there to take on the fences set over five feet high.  Trapp made great decisions about how to ride the course and Cappy responded with speed and accuracy to win the $25,000 Pin Oak Grand Prix.  If I had known all of that would happen I would have stayed for sure!

Congrats to Trapp, Kathy and Cappy for an amazing ride.

Trapp with blue ribboned Cappy after winning last night's Grand Prix.

Trapp with blue ribboned Cappy after winning last night’s Grand Prix.

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