A photo courtesy of Mike King of Sealey, Texas on a frozen morning.

A photo courtesy of Mike King of Sealy, Texas on a frozen morning.

I think I share with the rest of the US, that this has been our worst winter in years.  Certainly at my little homestead in south Texas, usually known this time of year for flowering gardenia and the beckoning beaches of Galveston for Spring Break, ice is not a norm.  I do not think we have ridden any horse for weeks now.  Not the way to keep them in show condition for Pin Oak.  Oh, we are not going to Pin Oak.  More on that in a minute.

Green grass and ice on the wire.  Photo couresty of Mike King.

Green grass and ice on the wire. Photo courtesy of Mike King.

I have not been writing (or riding) as much as I would like.  Work has turned up the volume about five notches and I have been traveling, teaching courses. The weather, clearly, has shut down my little farm, saturating the arena, leaving the horses standing remorsely in their stalls blessedly out of the wind and leaving my dogs to romp from one end of my tiny house to other for exercise because except for the Corgi, none of them want to go out!

I have talked several times of wanting to move closer to work, closer to the Equestrian Center, closer to our trainer, closer to the world.  We found a place that is in Richmond, the same town Ally lives in.  It has a great new house on acreage.  The barn, fences and out buildings need work but it is our dream home in many ways.  We put a contract on it and then listed our home.

In the weird ways of the world, when the stars are aligned and things are meant to be, the very first person to visit Six Meadow Farm, immediately wanted to buy it.  We are under contract and should close very shortly.  Fortunately, this buyer has agreed to lease the property back to Lauren and I for one month as we get the new place closed and built out.  Fast times at Six Meadow Farm.  New Six Meadow Farm is underway!

I drove straight from work yesterday to meet the contractor who will be doing our barn build out.  It took me 30 minutes and was 27 (27!!!!) miles from my office instead of the 72 I am driving now.  I will still be getting down to Wharton several times a week to see my mother but the every day marathon drive will be over.

Lauren will have the upstairs of the house to herself.  Her current bedroom is barely 8×10 and now she will have a whole floor.  It will take some pinching ourselves in disbelief!  We are very excited.  Plus, yesterday even after literally months of rain, the new pastures were damp but did not have standing water anywhere.

Lauren is working with the physical therapist for her back and knees.  She is not riding right now.  This was to be the year we would take Feather to Pin Oak for the first time.  But we must try to dodge the surgery bullet by doing everything we can to get Lauren healed and well.  There will be more shows when Lauren is ready to ride again.

Spring Break has new meaning to my band of horses.  Once it dries up I will be soliciting some of you to come down and help out with the riding chores!  Hopefully we will soon be in our new place and much closer to everyone as well.

Hopefully, Dev is still thinking about taking Mickey for a while for his students.  I have had some offers for help with Bruno as well.  When we finally move past frozen once and for all, and I can put the blankets away for the year, I know we will be well on our way to better times.

Thanks for riding along.  Please keep Lauren in your prayers.

p.s. Thanks Mike and Jennifer King for the use of your great photos!

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