Taking Stock

Bruno saying (as he nudges him along) be my new friend pleassse!

Bruno saying (as he nudges him along) be my new friend pleassse!

Oh, Mickey, Mickey, you look so thrilled!

Oh, Mickey, Mickey, you look so thrilled!

The latest of the icy, cold weather has moved on. With bad weather issues, dominating our thoughts and actions, we haven’t had much time to just take stock of what we have going on.

Lauren and Feather, still a little banged and bruised from the fall last week, headed to Katy Wednesday for the start of our rated horse show.  Wednesday afternoon, the pair easily flew over a 4’3″ jump, arguably the highest they had ever jumped together. I missed the competition Thursday but they had two classes and one blue ribbon.  Way to start it out.

Yesterday, Kona and I went along to watch.  I fully and totally expected them to fly easily over jumps.  They pulled a rail at the second jump and Lauren struggled to get back on track.  It was a messy round.  Feather got in too deep at a big oxer and literally went right thru it.  And it got a little worse before she finished the class.  We scratched her next entry.  Today would offer new choices.

Very early this morning, I told Lauren I had been up all night with the flu.  A slight exaggeration, perhaps.  I had not gotten much sleep but definitely was not feeling the go to the horse show pull.  It was the go back to bed pull.  So I chose that and awakened about noon.

I let Bruno out with Mickey for a change.  Bruno liked his pal Mickey!  What fun to have the disgruntled guy play with you even with Mickey’s ears back and tail swishing.

Bruno headed to the back pasture and Kona went along to be sure he was safe.  Then I heard a roar from the pasture.  Kona and Bruno were headed straight the barn.  He is a fast horse!

Sometimes all a guy needs is a field of clover.

Sometimes all a guy needs is a field of clover.

Lauren did better at the show today.  Horse and rider in sync.  Wonder what effect I will being there tomorrow?. I hope I get to see a glorious ride.

1 thought on “Taking Stock

  1. There are some days (lessons, shows, housework, flu) when you should just “quit while you’re ahead” and regroup. Sounds like you all experienced “one of those days.” Glad everyone is better. Fingers crossed for good health and blue ribbons.

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