Special Gifts

Holding the book of my blog of Bruno's first 300 days.

Holding the book of my blog of Bruno’s first 300 days.

The original Christmas story was about a lot of special gifts, those of the Christ child and magical gifts for him.   I enjoyed some special, thoughtful gifts today.  First, getting up early, seeing the beautiful star filled sky, feeding my animals their Christmas morning breakfast and then watching my grandchildren light up with joy at seeing what Santa brought them.

My daughters each had great surprises for me.  Amber and Ryan got me an amazing, huge art canvas of a beautiful paint horse (Lauren says it is Mickey’s mom).  Lauren added two beads to my favorite bracelet an Irish one and a seashell for my love of the ocean.

Ally and Luke, did something that I had to keep touching and reading to believe it was really true.  They took my “Bruno Stories”, the first 300 days of my blog about him and his journey into our lives, through surgery and on to being a sport horse and had them printed into a hard back book.

It is a beautifully bound book, straight from this blog (all the ones under the category of “a Bruno Story”).  Most days, I sit down and write a little each evening.  Often I am tired, cranky and frustrated with my ever erratic Internet connection.  Sure, I have frequently re-read posts, but nothing prepared me for the sheer volume of words, pictures and pages that would represent a printed copy of my Bruno story.

My friend, Kathy, has always said there is a book in the Bruno story.   Well, now there really is!   Maybe I will be the only one to read it cover to cover, but that is okay.

Momma and I enjoying Christmas!

Momma and I enjoying Christmas!

This afternoon, alone, after the girls moved on to spend day with their husbands and boyfriend, I went to see mom at the nursing home.  The residents seemed a little ill at ease, probably due to the incomprehensible influx of visitors today.  Mom had no idea it was Christmas.  I almost didn’t give her the simple gifts I had brought.  But I did and she was so excited!  She had tears of joy over the clothes and perfume I had brought. We hugged each other long and held on tight.  Her being in my life is such a wonderful gift.

I hope your day was magical! May the peace of The Lord be with you.

5 thoughts on “Special Gifts

  1. Christmas Day is such a magical time, even for those of us who are in charge of the gifts at our house. (I started to say “for those of us who have become Santa,” but that conjured up white whiskers and an ever expanding waistline. Too accurate for comfort here ;o) What a glorious gift, your “book.” I do hope you keep writing about all of your adventures. Now I’m looking for recipes for black eyed peas. Didn’t do the Hoppin’ John for 2013, but I think 2014 will be a good time to re-up the tradition. I have a feeling this is going to be a much better year for everyone.

  2. Hi Cindy,
    I hope it’s ok to leave a message with you here. I received your Christmas card to my mom this year and wanted to let you know that she passed away on August 15. I am so sorry I wasn’t able to let you know sooner. She loved your mom so much and thought of her often. She counted her as one of her dearest friends and worried about her failing health. Now, I know that Aunt Midge has one more angel watching over her. Please send me an email and I can fill you in on the details if you’d like. Love to your mother and to you and blessings on the road the two of you must travel. Cindy

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