Waiting for Christmas

Sound asleep Muffy and Sneaky, waiting patiently for Christmas.

Sound asleep Muffy and Sneaky, waiting patiently for Christmas.

BrownDog sound asleep on tiny PuppyGirl.

BrownDog sound asleep on tiny PuppyGirl.

It is two days until Christmas.  The presents are bought, wrapped and waiting.  We did a pretty half way job on decorating this year.  No one will come to spend Christmas with Lauren and I.  Christmas morning we will head to Ally and Luke’s.  The tree is up but has only three ornaments, all new, one of a black poodle (surprise), one a Breyer Man O’ War ornament and one a gift from Amanda to Lauren.

Lauren has been on a riding marathon.  Since finishing finals a week ago, she has spent hours in the saddle.  Bruno went to the trainer last Tuesday.  Lauren has been traveling to ride him most days, learning with the big horse.  Then she has been coming home to ride Feather.  Today I washed seven pairs of riding pants.

It has been a good experience watching Bruno, a year after surgery, getting consistent exercise, training and work.  Asking him each day to learn a little more, seems to be working well for both of them.  Lauren has never ridden a horse as large as Bruno.  Plus, being a thoroughbred, he processes every tiny nuance of what she is doing in saddle.  Although six years old, Bruno has not had much chance to get in the ring.  He has had his downtime from the track, but not a lot of time under saddle.

Lauren was reminded that Bruno was like kindergartener.  He does not have experience in the jumping ring.  So, asking for complicated responses as they head over the jumps, is not going to work out.  But day by day, they have both learned.

Apparently, Bruno can jump!

Apparently, Bruno can jump!

After multiple days in the saddle, concluding with a good session with Feather yesterday, today was a day off.  Which was good as Lauren started the morning at the clinic with a temp of 101, a throat and ear infection.  It is cold here and after I got the stalls done and horses out, we were on the couch to stay.  Obviously, the dogs were pretty happy to keep us company in the warm room with the twinkling Christmas lights.

I hope all of you are looking forward to some wonderful holiday time with your families! We are waiting patiently for Christmas. Thanks for riding along.

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