Jim returns to momma-tomorrow

Just like last year at this time, my mother’s 96-year-old husband will fly in from his home in Arizona to see her tomorrow.  They have not seen or talked to one another since then, although Jim has sent her many notes and pictures.  Last year this was a startling beautiful reunion that made me a believer once again in true love.

As Jim came through the doorway, my mom’s eyes lit up and they eagerly hugged, kissed and greeted one another. My mom loved Jim’s new beard.  Jim had tears in his eyes as he saw my mom.

But it has been a tough year for Jim with a fall and an injury to his head that has taken some time and hard work to overcome.  My mom, well, she is another year deeper in the evil grasp of dementia.   I feel lucky when she recognizes me.  It doesn’t happen every day any more.

We will see what the weekend brings.  I hope to get some great photos of former US Calvary member, Jim, with big Bruno.  And if we don’t get too much rain, Lauren and Jordyn hope to show their grandpa and great-grandpa, respectively a little of their riding skills.   Jordyn has been working with her baby sister Kendyll, to say “GGJim” as that is what she has always called her great-grandpa Jim.

Ally and Lauren made my mother’s old recipes for Manicotti and her famous Sherry Cake we all used to love.  We will have a fun family dinner on Saturday.

I am grateful that Jim’s son, Jay, is helping make this trip happen.  I can’t wait to see mom and Jim reunited again!

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