Bananas for your horses??

In fun things to try with your horses, my friends swear that all their horses eat bananas.  And I have witnessed it with my own eyes.

Caitlyn feeding Ky a banana-seriously!
Caitlyn feeding Ky a banana-seriously!

They go crazy over a nice, ripe banana.  I got a challenge yesterday after stating Bruno loaded for the reward of his big apple.  I was challenged to get some bananas and see if any of my band of horses would be interested in them. If they loved them like Ky did, then all my loading problems would be a thing of the past.  Last night, armed with a bunch of bananas, I headed to the barn.

Now, remember both Snow and Mick were rescue horses that had to learn to eat most anything to survive.  Snow has been known to eat all the plums off the plum-tree (I found him covered in plum juice and thought he had blood all over his white coat).  Snow will eat figs, oranges, any candy, strawberries, water melon and any type of granola bar.  Mick is a little more discerning but he has even eaten Chik-fil-a chicken nuggets (he is a herbivore) because the coating is sweet, loves red licorice, Gatorade and cream soda.

I went one by one down the stall line.  Feather, trustingly, took the piece of banana I offered and immediately spit it back at me.  No way!  Fortunately Kona was my science partner and was eating the fallen banana as we made our way down the aisle.  Mickey wouldn’t even consider the banana.  I got to Snow and figured, this is my banana eater!

Snow says NO!

Snow says NO!

Snow gingerly tried the banana.  He had cleansed his palate with some cold water, then placed the banana in his mouth. Then spit it out.  Wow, not going too far with this.

Moving on to Bruno.  Bruno didn’t even eat carrots until Sherre puréed them and fed him through a syringe.  Just recently, Bruno started his love affair with apples.  So, it was possible that he might like the banana.  But, no, another failure.

We were down to the end of the line.  I had little hope that Kid would eat the banana.  Kid is not a real food oriented horse.  He does not even like carrots.  Kid did not disappoint.  He did not even consider the banana.  Not for a moment or even a second, Kid just lifted his head and walked away.

I find it very odd that all of Caitlyn’s horses LOVE bananas and none of my little piglets will even consider them.  Let me know if any of your horses like bananas because mine sure don’t.

I guess Bruno won’t be charging off to the trailer in hopes of a banana reward!  We did try.

3 thoughts on “Bananas for your horses??

  1. My morgan gelding loved bananas. I used to ride before work and would take a banana to the barn for breakfast. Wasn’t long before he wanteda bite too. He was well mannered and would ground tie, so i often groomed and tacked him this way. One day the banana was layin g on the ground by my coffee and when i came out of the tackroom he had the whole. thing, skin and all. He quite enjoyed it. I had him watched for colic that day, but there were no ill effects. The only fruit he might have liked better was watermelon. Please excuse typing, an on my phone and editing is not cooperating.

  2. Bananas, I wouldn’t think they’d like them… My good friend pat gives her horse peppermints and she loves them! I had to see it to believe it!

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