George Morris Critiques the local riders (a few years later)

December, 2013 Practical Horseman

December, 2013 Practical Horseman

George with a smile!

George with a smile!

George Morris is one of the top experts on hunter/jumper riding in the world.  He is known to be straight-forward, exact and have high standards.

I strongly recommend his column which appears monthly in Practical Horseman Magazine.  Photos of riders from all over the country are evaluated by him.    George critiques their position, clothing, weight, turn-out and their horse’s ability to jump.  As you read the columns, month after month, and study the pictures, you are able to understand and visualize what the correct riding position is and also what a ‘good’ hunter or jumper should look like.

Rarely is there a moment when we are on horseback, at a show or at the barn with friends, that someone is not taking a picture.  Check out any day on Facebook, you will have plenty of opportunities to critique photos.  All you have to do then is apply what George has taught you, to your own riding, horse and skills.  It isn’t always pretty.

In the beginning, when Lauren was just starting out and we had just “discovered” George, rarely did anything about her riding match his standards.  But as time went on, Lauren and her horses started to approximate more and more what George suggested.  We were never brave enough to actually send a picture in to the magazine.

But local Houston riders, Kavita Sinha and Caitlyn Epperson, did send their photos to George.  Now, both riders are accomplished young women not the youngsters depicted in the photos.  I guess it takes a while for George to get through his mail, like six years.

It is pretty crazy that George picked both ladies out of all his photos to appear side by side, under the heading, Perfect Posture!

Anyway, read, enjoy, and take an opportunity to learn from George!  Congrats, to Kavita and Caitlyn!  George gave both of you pretty high praise.  I bet if he saw them ride now, he would be pretty impressed with the equestrians they have become!


Final note from George today!

Seems fair enough to me!

Seems fair enough to me!

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