Week update!

We have had ZERO vet visits this week! That is a great statistic! It has been a busy week. Temperatures dipped down in the 30’s for the first time this season. We had gotten out blankets for all the horses and got everyone settled in for the night.

Snow, Mick and Feather

Lauren and I, warmly settled in the living room, came up with a new game we call Bullock Ball (after the place kicker for the Texans who can’t seem to kick anything). I was lying on the couch while Lauren was reclining way back in the leather chair. We took Kona’s squeaky toy football and pitched it at one another. The object was to make contact with your foot, kicking the ball across the room so Kona would retrieve it. We were not very good at it, thus the name Bullock ball! I bet you wish you could hang out with us!

The next evening I met Lauren and Feather for a lesson with Dev. We hadn’t been to a lesson in a few weeks. The weather has been rainy and we have not been able to ride. Feather acted like she had never missed a day. Lauren asked her to jump a little higher. They have work to do to be real fluid but this mare continues to improve.

Amanda and Lauren getting the hay to the barn

Thursday we were lucky enough to get in one more cutting of hay. I had 300 bales sold. We have never had a hay cutting after the time had changed from day light savings time. It got dark way too fast. The baler stopped baling, the truck and hay trailer got stuck in the mud. (I kept moving hay while the men figured out how to pull out the rig.)


But my new Chevy 2500 truck came in handy when it pulled both the Dodge dually truck and trailer with 125 bales of hay out of the mud!

I drove home tonight looking forward to a pretty quiet weekend of some chores and baby sitting. I turned the corner onto my road. You know how you get a glimpse of something but it is too unbelievable to be true? Well, I thought I saw my house in the middle of the street!


Well, it wasn’t my house, but it was a house. It was taking up the entire road. It was skimming the power lines at every house it passed. It went slowly. I saw the hay trailer collecting today’s hay and was grateful not to be unloading it. I was also grateful when the moving house successfully passed my home leaving my electrical service intact.

Thanks for riding along!

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