Happy Sunday

First time with his stitches exposed-looking great.

Today was a wonderful day! The horses renewed their friendships, Bruno back with Kid, who felt well enough to follow him to the arena. Kid was glued to my side when he quit following Bruno.

I took off Bruno’s fly mask for the first time. He had some dried blood on his face but the wound looked great, healing very well. I gently rubbed his big forehead. I am sure it has itched and he dropped his enormous head down so I could easily reach him. His forelock was tickling his incision so I put it up in a little bun. Very stylish!

I love Kid extending his 32 year-old leg, like he is trying to show Bruno what to do.

We were also celebrating the one year anniversary of Bruno joining our family. He has not been worked since his head injury in late October. Bruno was a little hard to handle. Lauren does a great job riding this horse. She has grown as a rider. Big Bruno was full of himself. Old Lauren would not have stayed on or wanted to try.

Bruno with all four feet off the ground, Lauren is maintaining a pretty position and disposition.

Feather and Mickey (who is still confined to the paddock) renewed their love, grooming each other over the fence. Feather had her first ride since the rain set in a couple of weeks ago. She looked relaxed and fluid. I think the time off was good for her.


I was happy to have Kid, alive and healing, standing beside me in the warm sun. And of course, Kona was posing for the camera as well. Gee, maybe the Texans will break their NFL record losing streak. Dare we hope?


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