Show weekend

Another show weekend, another chance to gauge Feather’s progression as she continues to move up in height at each show, getting a little more comfortable, getting a little bit faster each time.

I applaud our trainer Dev as we, his clients, bring not only all our own issues of confidence, ability and skill (and lack thereof) but also our equine partner who is also subject to great days and mediocre ones as well. What a cheerleader he is for us, keeping us engaged while also being a bit of a taskmaster as he forces one more try from a tired girl and a really hot horse.

Dev’s group range in age from some young walk-trotters onto those filled with junior high angst, onto the high school, college and finally the grown up set. Not that we haven’t all been known to trade personalities with the fresh high schooler competently running the ring, while we adults are sometimes too childish for words.

I guess it is all in a day’s work for a trainer but know these marathon three-day or longer shows must take their toll. We had a good weekend, prepared all these months as we followed Dev’s plan for Feather’s education. Sometimes taking longer to grasp our goal and other days, like yesterday, just having successive clear rounds, one after another.

Feather racing for the finish line

making it look easy

that’s all folks

Thanks for riding along! Thanks Dev Branham for being exactly what my daughter needs in a trainer! Thanks to all the DSH riders and family, you make it fun. Thanks to my friends and family (including baby Kendyll) for always supporting us.

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