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I don’t talk much about my job.  I do financial things in an accounting department.  But, I am really blessed to have a great job that rewards my work and allows me to have my lifestyle with my farm and horses.  This month, our internal newsletter highlighted my story.  I thought I would share it with you.  One of my co-worker’s Kira, wrote it, and I thank her for such a nice write up.

Mickey, me and Feather

Mickey, me and Feather

When you think of horses, what comes to mind? Beauty? Speed? Possibly Derby Day, with ladies in fancy dresses and floppy hats, casually socializing while holding a Mint Julep? Even those who don’t follow horse racing know of the Kentucky Derby; but, behind all the glitz and glamour is a lot of hard work – more than you may think! No one can attest to this more than Cindy Davis, Sr. Advisor, whose workday begins with feeding the horses at 4 am, while most of us are still tucked quietly in our beds.
Cindy’s love of horses began at an early age and has inspired her to become active in horse rescue. Although no longer operational, through Alvin’s Sunscape Equine Rescue, a group she was very active in, Cindy has help place 12-16 horses in the last 13 years and one of which, was featured on Animal Planet’s “Animal Cops” in Houston.
With the help of her daughter, Lauren, this mother/daughter team currently cares for 6 rescue horses at their ranch in Wharton, TX – some real celebrities too! Bruno is an OTTB (off the track thoroughbred) race horse from New York, who stands 17.2 hands high (that’s 70” at the shoulders, y’all!) and weighs 1,500 pounds. Bruno also has a best friend on the farm, KoolKid, who in his prime was the Houston Barrel Racing Champion at the ripe age of 20.
Unfortunately, not all horses who find themselves at Cindy’s farm had such a glamorous beginning. Mickey, for example, was a rescue from Bartlesville, OK who was severely abused growing up. Upon arrival, Mickey refused to even take a single step – but, fast forward 9 years and a boatload of hard work, Lauren and Mickey were attending the Regional Qualifiers in “Jumpers”, a very prestigious event.
Additionally, seven dogs reside at the farm and numerous cats, most rescues as well. Asked why she doesn’t downsize and move closer to town, Cindy says with a shrug, “it is like coming home to a different world. I love my animals, including all their problems, insecurities and issues. But when they bring home the top ribbon from the latest show, it all means just a little bit more, knowing we did it with an animal that had no chance at all before we took him home.” All in all, life on the farm is a tough job, especially for a team of two, but the rewards are priceless.
Click here to watch Bruno in action:
(Bruno’s registered name is ‘Fiddler’s Pilgrim’. He is number 2 in post position, in the green and white silks)

3 thoughts on “In the Spotlight

  1. What a wonderful piece about you and your family, farm, and critters. Sounds like Kira captured the person we blog followers are getting to know. ;o)

  2. Love this story Cindy. I had no idea you had rescued so many horses, and cats, and dogs….but then, I have known you to always have a big and loving heart for animals and humans. Congratulations on such a nice tribute! Have a great weekend!

    • All those horses she mentioned did not come home with me (Thank God!) but in the years the rescue was active I found homes or helped place that many. One, Cody (Leo’s Jazzy Gold) went from rescue horse to AQHA World Champ in Jumping a couple of years ago. With the exception of a few, I know all of them are still in great homes or lived out their life in one. Bruno, Feather and Pixie were not from the rescue per se, but certainly had seen hard times in their lives due to physical or mental conditions. I have never had the luxury of buying a “made” horse. They have all had issues that made them virtually unsellable.

      Thanks all for the kind words!

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