Marking Time

Kendyll Paige with her first birthday Mickey Mouse cake

Kendyll Paige with her first birthday Mickey Mouse cake

I guess somewhere after the invention of the calendar and sun-dial, someone figured out that things, people, animals, trees even insects go through a life cycle growing, maturing and changing.  I am certainly not the one to work you through the details of that.  I do know that for many centuries we have been rather reliably (in some cases) been marking time from the birth and onward of those we love.

I have old bibles of my father’s family that steadfastly record the birth, confirmation, marriage and death of the family members.  Some go back to Ireland.  My dad was born in 1912 and would have 101 now if he was still alive.  My youngest grand-child, Kendyll was born July 5, 2012 over one hundred years after my father.  That is a little crazy for me.  One hundred years of life experiences are shared by the three of us.  Imagine all that has changed in that time.

Today was the celebration of Kendyll’s first birthday and it was a big extravaganza with a huge waterslide (that I do not think Kendyll even went down-but I could have missed it), lots of friends, food, good times and happiness.  Lauren had a horse show and we mis-read the schedule.  We thought her ring started at 10 am which would give us plenty of time to ride, trailer the horse home and get back to the party.  Instead, the schedule read “not before” 10 am.  Wow, big difference.  The first classes didn’t even start in the ring until almost noon.

So, Lauren and I were late and rushed.  When we got to the party, it was in full swing with cars lining the street.  Ally, although we told her not to, had waited for Kendyll to have her cake until we got there.  We were grateful.  Jordyn (the doting big sister) was standing by Kendyll’s high chair ready for some cake demolition.


Kendyll needed no explanation or warm up pitch.  She got right to cake and tore it apart.  I really don’t think she ate very much but smashed cake abounded.

ken birth

Next, after a little hose down, Kendyll was ready to take on the presents that so many had graciously brought.  Mickey was a common theme.  Lauren and I got her a Disney magical stable for princesses and their horses, that Amber had helped us find.  It looked pretty fun.

And although we were late and missed a lot of activities, what I did not miss which means the world to me, was Kendyll first couple of steps.  At least Ally told us they were her first steps.  Doesn’t matter as I was so pleased to be there and be part of such a milestone.

Happy Birthday little Kendyll!  I hope you learn all these stories of your family and your life and pass them down to your grandchildren one day as well.  You could start with how you waited for Granny before taking those first steps just to be sure she was included in all the big family events.

Kendyll unwrapping her presents.

Kendyll unwrapping her presents.

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