Back in the saddle again ( not a Bruno story)

Even though Bruno is in this story, I am not riding him. He is too big, too strong and too unpredictable for me to launch my return to riding on him. I just might be launched and that is not what I need right now (or ever)!

Lauren has been on vacation. Prior to vacation, we had just gotten the Pixie pony. Bruno had been cleared by the vet to be ridden but he had not held up well and we had backed off. Lauren was working Feather but not really anyone else. Having three young horses in training is a push for anyone.  It is lonely to be here and ride by yourself. Progress with a horse takes repetition and repetition takes time.

From shoulder surgery of ten weeks ago, I had yet to be allowed to ride. Seeing the surgeon today I asked if I could start riding again. He said, “are you going to do it anyway?” “Yes”, I answered. “Then be careful”, he muttered. I took that as a full release to ride.

Pixie is the German Riding pony that came from our Florida friends. She is four and while “backed” as we call it she is certainly not completely trained. I did not pay for a well-trained pony, I paid for a prospect. I am much better than Lauren at starting the youngsters.  Lauren is thrilled I am taking over the pony’s initial training.

Pixie only had a few rides under her belt and I had not ridden since March. I was anticipating some trouble. I had watched Lauren ride the pony and noted she would pull her head up high to avoid the bit. Since she arrived we have also extracted two teeth and worked on the others. I hoped that would help with her mouth issues as well.

Now let’s not talk about my riding ensemble with my shorts and boots. It was way over 95 degrees and I was not riding in pants. Pixie fought me some, but with consistent cues I had turning, stopping, walking and trotting well. My left arm has been in a sling the better part of the last ten weeks. It felt like someone took my strong old arm and left me with one made of putty. The bicep and tricep muscles were the worst. But my tough forearm gained from years of hauling hay and feed was weak as well.

I was very gratified by the quick and easy responses I got from the pony. She will be a nice one. She was very quiet even though Bruno was doing his best to be disruptive from the paddock. I am thrilled to be back up in my saddle even if it is the western one for now. I love having a goal and horse to work on. I am very thankful my old body parts continue to hang in there for me.

Lauren and I riding together in the early evenings is wonderful as well.  It is always better to have someone to ride with and me on a horse does much more good than me hanging with the poodle.


Lauren and Bruno made their second ride tonight as well. He is muscling up and covered with dapples. He is listening, working and learning. Lauren had some flowing trots and canters with a lot of nice, even cadence. We want to get Bruno and Pixie out to some new arenas to prepare them for showing. Please let me know if your place could be stop on roadshow training circuit. We would love to get out and ride with some of you!


4 thoughts on “Back in the saddle again ( not a Bruno story)

  1. I think your riding ensemble is tres chic ;o) As for getting back to riding at 10 weeks post surgery,you’re lucky. MY doctor would not let me back on the horse for SIX MONTHS. And I only had one surgical repair. If I have read your posts correctly, this is not the first time for you “under the knife” for that particular procedure. The six months off for me stretched into nearly three years because I decided I was not going to waste anymore effort (or money on lessons) riding in a saddle that did not fit me. That problem is solved, so now I need to get back into shape. Lose 10# at least, build my stamina and strenthen my core, and reorganize my schedule so I’m riding (also in the heat but NOT in shorts. Don’t want to frighten the neighbors or traumatize the horse ;o) Continued success to you. Love your blog adventures.

    • I may well have traumatized the neighbors, but don’t care.  On the strengthening side I got the core building DVD called Success in the Saddle that I really liked. I definitely need to drop the weight, etc and get stronger again.  I was off 90 days from both my pelvic fracture and my hip replacement but really pushed it. I did my first flat class less than five months from the hip replacement but I was younger (47 and dumber).  I have not really jumped at all except an X here and there since then.  I think that is why I am feeling so good about the pony.  I am actually contributing something.  I had to step in to help my daughter lunge Bruno yesterday too.  I guess I have a few old tricks left after all-sounds like a good topic for my next blog.  The shoulder bothers me way less.  I am more likely to hurt my shoulder around the barn than on the horse.    I hadn’t heard from you in awhile so glad all is okay.  Thanks for being a loyal reader!


    • Where are you at? We would love to come! Did you find the horse you were looking for? I have a friend with a 17 year-old very quiet, just wondered whre you were on finding a new one.

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