And there was no more plaster!

Just a note to say, Lauren made it home safely from her time at the bay without any apparent injury (despite my premonitions).

Ally with her broken right arm and hurt left wrist saw the orthopedic surgeon today.  We were lucky to be squeezed in his busy schedule.  This is the doctor that got me through my broken pelvis, Lauren through her many knee injuries and ‘cured’ my elderly mother’s inability to walk instantly with his care.

I didn’t know what to tell Ally.  I thought with the location of the break (just below the elbow) that she would be spending our beach vacation in a full arm cast.  If anything, this doctor is VERY conservative.  He acknowledged the pain of the break and showed concern over the deep bone bruising on her left wrist.  But he feels the best treatment is to keep the arm in a sling with no CAST-no PLASTER!  I know Ally is probably hurting more tonight, and taking away her plaster splint and letting the arm be unprotected is probably very frightening for her.  But it will keep her elbow joint more fluid and allow healing to start.  He will keep a very close eye on her to be sure the bone is healing correctly.

So, no plaster on the beach.  Ally is absolutely forbidden to pick up anything (especially her baby) with her broken arm.  I know her husband will continue his superb care of her and the girls while she is unable.  It will be a hard several weeks but know she is healing already.  We pray for continued healing and pain relief.  Thank you to all who have sent her well-wishes and offers of help in sending meals, taking the kids and keeping up the house work.  You are wonderful!

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