No more plaster!

Lauren went off to the bay with Blake. I have enjoyed about 24 hours of quiet time but I am ready for her to be back now. I did the horse chores this morning, watered all my plants and played with the dogs. It was a beautiful day and I would have loved to have ridden but I am still not cleared to ride so didn’t want to take a chance. In the last eight weeks, I have had shoulder surgery, my daughter, Amber, in Denver, has broken her foot and Ally has broken her arm. I am a little afraid that Lauren may snap in two at any moment.

Although I have certainly had my share of broken bones, my girls have escaped softball, soccer, track and all these horse years with only an occasional broken finger or toe. So, what is up now? Lauren texted me to say she was going jet skiing and I can’t shake the feeling that she will be the next call from the ER to tell me about her new broken bone! How about no more, God, please??

I spent a long quiet afternoon with my mom. I kept telling her our plans for her 89th birthday next week (it is really June 4th but we will celebrate next Sunday). She thinks it is her 139th birthday for some reason and I can’t reason with her. I have told her cards are arriving already. She really doesn’t remember much of anyone outside Lauren, Jordyn, Jim and myself but I would love to have a bunch of bright cards for her.

Send her a pink birthday card if you get a chance-Midge Foust 615 FM 640 rd., Wharton, TX 77488. That would be so great!

My lawn and pastures are mowed. Bruno had a bath for his trip to A&M in the morning. I am praying for an all clear on him. Ally sees the orthopedic surgeon in the morning as well. I pray Lauren just makes it home without anything in plaster.

Thank you for riding along and keep me in your prayers!


5 thoughts on “No more plaster!

      • Thanks for your offer of a place to stay. They are driving from El Paso straight thru. Gene may be sorry he suggested/agreed to that. His bones are too old for that kind of nonsense. 🙂 I am putting a card to Midge in the mail…not pink, but pretty cute. I hope she likes. Have a good one, Cindy.

  1. Plans changed. They drove the golf hard for 13 hours yesterday, and it was starting to decelerate again in Houston traffic, so they stopped at Baytown, (?) TX. They let it cool off, and seemed to be okay. They are taking it easier today…We are hoping that it was because car is fully loaded, and they were 80 for most of that time. I am getting a lot of gray hair this week, ugh! Thanks for your prayers.

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