Tomorrow will be another day

DSC01097I can’t tell what is doing it exactly

If it is the immense sorrow I feel when seeing the pictures of Moore

Or if my six weeks of sleepness nights following my surgery have just caught up with me but I am overwhelmed with sadness

It may be that a great horse died today, Prince, Feather’s half-brother

Too early, too soon and in great pain

I don’t know what is exactly the cause of my sadness

But I do think in this busy world we live in, between work, family, home and animals

Things you can handle normally just sometimes need a little tiny wisp of a wind

And that wind blows away the fragile balance you have maintained for so long.

Tomorrow will be a new day.  I will restore myself with some sleep and prayer.

I will rebuild the balance and restore my faith

Tomorrow will be another day

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