To Presevere or not

DSCN0324I believe in God.  I believe that God guides my way.  I also believe that I need to push on when I am given challenges.  I do not give up easily.  But with that said, there comes a time when one is just stupid to try to push on.  It is like the old story about the lady on the roof with flood waters all around her.  People keep coming to rescue her and she keeps telling them ‘no, God will provide for me’.  Well, sometimes he is right there helping us and we keep wanting something more.

If you read my last post, you know that it has been a crazy couple of days with broken down cars, chickens in the road and other difficulties.  What I hadn’t written about was Lauren’s show saddle (her only saddle) was destroyed Tuesday night.  She had nothing to show in for Feather’s first show.  I did not have the funds to purchase a new saddle now, but did so we could get to the show.  Things just kept happening to deter us from making the show and I kept pushing on.  I am sort of used to things being difficult.  I had already paid money for the show and we had planned for months for Feather to make her debut at this particular show.


Dumb.  Lauren had lovely first rounds on Thursday.  It was a promise to us that Feather was coming along just as we had planned.  In fact, if anything, she was doing better than we had thought based on her limited time in the ring.  We were excited about Friday’s classes.

Friday morning found Lauren and I stuck at home with a torrential downpour, high winds and rain falling in bucketfuls. We were delayed trying to get to the Equestrian Center and our property was covered in three inches of water.  The storm as it raged, was as bad as any storm in terms of wind and rainfall.  Yet, another omen.  But we waited out the storm and headed to the show.

Immediately upon getting to Feather’s stall I knew we were looking at what would be the last straw in this fragile straw house we were building.  Feather’s back legs were swollen to twice their size.  Her stall full of cowpiles as she obviously had a serious bellyache.  She was dehydrated and obviously not feeling well, we were done.  She is a young horse with lots of shows ahead of her. We did want to mess around with a potential problem-and we could not take any chances jumping her with her legs less than perfect.

I will never know as I gaze at Feather happily eating her feed this morning or her beautiful, slim back legs, if I had been given multiple warnings to walk away from this horse show. She is grazing in the pasture now with Mickey and the new pony, well and content.

I try to do the best I can to persevere no matter the obstacles that are pushed in my path.  Perhaps a good lesson in learning to say when enough is enough would be wise.

2 thoughts on “To Presevere or not

  1. I’m a firm believer that all things happen for a reason and in looking back on “all things that have happened,” sometimes the reason is not clear until everything is over and the dust (or in your case, the mud and standing water) has settled. I didn’t begin riding after my shoulder surgery because I wanted a better dressage saddle–one that was my size and put me in the right place. I went to several saddle fittings and none of them worked out. (Advice to fitters: Be prepared to work with adult amateurs on budgets who are not riding fancy-shmancy Warmbloods, okay? And if you happen across one of us pathetic creatures, do NOT–I repeat, DO NOT–badmouth the horse. This does nothing except shorten your fitting time–you get your “fitting fee” but I can guaran-damn-tee you that amateur won’t speak kindly of you when she has hauled home). Then my horse developed a lameness that the vet discovered had been ongoing for awhile, but my horse is such a stoic soul, he gave us no indication.

    Now, however, things have settled nicely. I have a LOVELY saddle that the horse likes (because his trot gets better because I’m not “trying to find my position”).

    Must have missed how Lauren’s saddle was destroyed (hopefully, she was not IN said saddle at the time of its destruction) but glad that Feather is slim-legged again and perhaps the sun will shine (literally and figuratively) upon you all soon..

    • I love hearing about your life with horses! On the saddle thing, I am thinking that when Lauren and Feather had the fall at Dev’s a few weeks ago it cracked the saddle tree. We went out to try the saddle on the pony and it just sat totally flat on her back. We were like, wow, she is narrow but that is weird! Then we put it on Feather (broad-shouldered thing that she is) and it sat totally flat on her. We turned it over and could see that the tree was totally shattered. It was a great moment. We have such a variety of horses/ponies it was hard to come up with the right saddle. Just another challenge.

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