And the horses cometh-

Adelena with new pony Scholar.  I am hoping she is deeply surpressing immense joy in her new pony.

Adelena with new pony Scholar. I am hoping she is deeply suppressing immense joy in her new pony.

After traveling almost 1000 miles, the new horse and ponies came to a stop on my recently dried ground ending their 24 hour journey in the trailer.  I bet my neighbor thought we had opened up a stockyard as he viewed all the trailers at my small property at once.

The big trailer from Florida was a huge, comfortable ride but everyone gratefully stepped off into the gentle Texas breeze, warm sun and solid ground.  The trip was a success for all!  I had Lauren be sure everyone in our gang was safely up in their stalls before the large rig pulled into the yard.  I bet it was a good day for “Bruno TV” as he got to watch the new horses arrive.  Still, everyone was pretty excited as the new kids arrived.

Ally came with Jo and Kendyll.  Caroline was there with Abby, Arianna and niece Adelena as well.  Lynn showed up a first thing this morning after having had vet calls all day.  I honestly think I was the most excited (which is a little pitiful).  I sat at the barn and watched the road knowing from texts they were getting close.  I had my camera around my neck and Lauren told me I looked like a tourist as I rushed around taking photos as the trailer arrived.

It is good to still be excited about friends, especially friends with horses.  The OTTB, Dubai, was the worst for the trailer trip, having dropped some weight in transit.  The ponies were taken immediately to arena and unlike any of my existing horses, just calmly walked around investigating everything.  There were no Bruno runs, bucks or sliding stops.

Jordyn came running from the car to see ‘her new pony!!’  Yeah, I don’t remember agreeing to that and we will see if it works out.  Still, it may be hard to say no as they just get more and more attached over time.  I could be in trouble on this one.  Baby Kendyll was there with Ally.  Kendyll loves horses-especially Bruno and she good-naturedly hung out several hours in the barn just gazing at the horses.

Ally took a video of Kendyll watching the Kentucky Derby this weekend.  Kendyll stood at the base of tv, spellbound by the race,  bouncing up and down on her chubby little legs.  I swear the horse thing is genetic.

Ally, Kendyll and Jordyn with Pixie.

Ally, Kendyll and Jordyn with Pixie.

I am grateful everyone made the trip safely and well.  Our Florida friends will be here a few days.  They are gathering up bales of my Texas alfalfa ($12 here versus $27 there) and two tons of rice bran.  For those unaware, this is a huge rice producing area.

A trip to see OTTB Joey was accomplished this afternoon and I think they are pretty excited about taking the big man home to Florida with them.  They better not buy anything else or Joey will be riding on the roof!

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