The barn is high and dry. But trailer parking is at a premium.

The barn is high and dry. But trailer parking is at a premium.

In 2013, Texas Drought Could Be Worst Ever In Some Areas, Climatologist Says

Posted: 02/05/2013  1:38 pm EST

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas continues to suffer a serious rainfall deficit and is on track to experience the second-worst drought on record, the state climatologist said Tuesday.

John Nielsen-Gammon told the House and Senate Natural Resources Committees that most of the state is still in extreme drought and the forecast tilts toward drier-than-normal conditions through the spring. For some parts of the state, the current drought may end up being the worst ever recorded.

I know we need the rain.  I understand that philosophically.  But the part of me that has to wear boots and slog through the water does not.  As it poured, relentlessly from the sky last night at the rate of one half-inch every 30-minutes, joining the heavy rain from Saturday, we just huddled in the barn and prayed for it to stop.

Literally for months now, it has been dry making it easy to pull our trailer in and out.  Our arena has been in rideable every day.  Okay, so we may have been a little spoiled.  I like that.

In less than a week, a big rig will arrive to bring three horses (actually two ponies and a horse) to Caroline, Lynn and myself.  We don’t get much company and I have cheerfully thought of everyone arriving to pick up their respective steeds and enjoying the fellowship that goes with horse people getting together to see new animals.  That is not going to happen now.  Well, the horses will still come-no stopping that, but instead of arriving at my farm, Lynn has generously offered up her place with its gravel driveways and easy turn-around.  Both Caroline and I rely on driving on the grass and both of us have more water than grass right now.

Our bounty from Florida will include the following:

Our new pony-probably to be trained and sold-unless Jo gets her way.

Our new pony-probably to be trained and sold-unless Jo gets her way.

A three year-old branded, inspected German riding pony for Lauren to train, show and then sell.  Jordyn is begging for this pony-she says Lauren already has Mick, Feather and Bruno. Granny has Mr. Kid.  Dev has Snowney and she does not have her own horse!  We will see.

OTTB-Dubai going to Lynn Criner

OTTB-Dubai going to Lynn Criner

A six year-old OTTB named Dubai who Lynn is going to turn into a nice hunter mount-he sure has the look for it.

Scholar with his current little girl.

Scholar with his current little girl.

And finally, Scholar, a cute six year-old pony,  will join Caroline and her crew (giving Princess a run for her money with Abby!).

Joey will leave Texas to began a new career in Florida.

Joey will leave Texas to begin a new career in Florida.

Caroline’s OTTB Joey-whose journey from skinny rescue horse to stocky thoroughbred has been documented in this blog will return on the trailer to Florida and began his new career as an eventer.

We are all excited about our new animals.  Lauren has already chosen a show name for our pony (and I have not agreed to keep her), bought a new fuchsia halter and spruced up her stall.  I suspect Lynn and Caroline are projecting great futures on their new arrivals as well. I think Joey will find his place where he can run fast and jump high amongst the Florida palms.


I am back at work.  These first few days were long and the commute with one arm, harder than I remembered.  Stupid things like not being able to reach the cruise control have impeded my drive.

We lost kitten Griffin yesterday (the day after his picture was shown in the blog with Bruno).  He was hit by car and tossed recklessly in our water-filled ditch.  Lauren is closing her heart to love and it makes me sad.

Her dog Sneaky went in for surgery this morning and is doing great after the removal of a bladder stone the size of a walnut.

The poodle, Kona, seems to be the only one happy about the flood waters.  Nothing makes him happier than us throwing the ball way into our lake of rainwater.  He is thrilled with the new water attraction!

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