Track stories-a Bruno Story

AP Indy, grand-sire of my Bruno

AP Indy, grand-sire of my Bruno

Bruno has been going out for six days now.  Yesterday morning in his romp through the arena he somehow caught his horse-shoe on his “good” front hoof and ripped it off.  Really, six days since taking him over 200 miles to get his shoes put on?  But I was glad we had found the shoe and that it wasn’t from his bad foot.

Still I knew that he had to have that shoe put back on now or we could not let him back out.  The shoes help support the hooves and with the healing taking place in his bad hoof, we did not want anything to stand in the way of his continued success.  My usual farrier comes from Houston and it is a long way to tack on one shoe.  I had another farrier that I really liked, and if I had not had a relationship for so long with Roland, he would do my horses.  I called Sean who is an ex-jockey and very involved in Polo.  He has done me favors many times and I was hoping this would be one more.

Sean pulled in late yesterday afternoon.  He had never seen Bruno.  Immediately, he asked-“where did you get this horse?  Is he from Fiddler’s Green barn in New York?”  and yes, Sean he is.  He knew Bruno’s trainer and owner from days on the track.  And he knew very well Bruno’s grand-sire AP Indy, from the Triple Crown winning Seattle Slew out of Weekend Surprise.  Sean had known the stallion well and ridden several of his progeny.  He had some great tales to tell us of the strength and endurance of the AP Indy line.  He gave Lauren tips for handling Bruno when it was time to get back on the big guy (ride him light, DO NOT take a hold of his mouth).  It was wonderful to share some thoroughbred history with a man who knew what this horse was made of and even better to hear him enter his stall, ready to shoe him, talking quietly to him, telling him about his days with “Indy”.

I looked up a picture of Indy which is seen above and set out today to take a picture to show why Sean stopped in his tracks when he saw the big horse yesterday.  So, I don’t have the fancy background and my horse is not as spit polished as Indy.  Actually, Lauren is gone today and I struggled just to get his OTTB halter on but I think it shows genetics in action.  I love these thoroughbreds and the stories behind their lives.  It makes me even more inspired to do the best I can for this horse who got left behind because of his bad foot.

Fiddler's Pilgrim, aka Bruno

Fiddler’s Pilgrim, aka Bruno

2 thoughts on “Track stories-a Bruno Story

  1. I too love TBs and their stories. My OTTB is Echo Dancer. His sire, Eastern Echo, was bred by Paul Mellon. EE was a favorite at Shamrock Stallion Station where he died from a heart attack at age 14 in 2004. He was very much the gentleman by all accounts.

    • I like Eastern Echo. He came up from Man O’War, War Admiral to Northern Dancer. I agree I could listen to the stories for hours and to hear Sean who rode with some of the greats is a wonderful treat.

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