Cold, again

The roof extension on the barn-just in time.

The roof extension on the barn-just in time.

I hate cold weather.  It is why I live in the south.  I am originally from Denver.  Why would I choose to live here if I could live in beautiful Colorado?  Because I hate to be cold.  I hate snow.  I hate temperatures really under 60 degrees.

It is mid-April.  If I am expected to pay my taxes, I expect the weather to be gentle in return.  We have had some beautiful south Texas spring days but suddenly in the course of an hour or so, we went from balmy, warm to bone-chilling cold.  And I have mentioned I don’t like that?

One of the ladies that purchased our pony, Mimi, had a horse fall with her several weeks ago.  She was hospitalized for several days and now has a hardware store of screws and pins in her leg.  She learned today what a fall in barometric pressure feels like in broken bones.  It was not good.  My body aches on good days. On a day like this when the barometric pressure just drops away, put me to bed and wake me when it rises.

As long as I am complaining, I want to mention my horse’s blankets.  All the horses have a little wardrobe consisting of light weight sheets, medium and heavy weight blankets.  Bruno’s blanket could be used as tent for several boy scouts, it is that big.  I am particular about my blankets.  I have two Weatherbeetas (that is a real name) brand turn-out blankets we bought for Mickey and Kid in 2003.  I wash them, mend them and store them each year.  Yes, they have lasted nine seasons.  I had ordered replacements this year (moving to Rambo brand blankets and hoping they last as long).

I had already washed and dried each horses multiple blankets (sending a lot of water through our septic system).  They have to washed one at time.  If I try to take them to the laundry mat, the owner runs me off at the door.  She knows how tough horse blankets are on a washer.  All had been stored in the little green shed behind the house, in plastic bins with each horse’s name on them for next year.  It is a long process to get everything clean but we were done for this season.

We are headed to a show this weekend so we have been studying the weather.  It will be 47 degrees tonight and 40 degrees tomorrow! Everyone has their own blanket rules but ours is-if it is under 50 degrees we blanket.  I am not getting the washed blankets dirty!

We went on a scavenger hunt of sorts.  Trying to figure out what blankets we had in the tack room or not “put away” that each of the four horses could use for what I am sure (please, God!) is the last cold front of the season.  Well, we didn’t have another plan for Bruno.  Lauren went and retrieved Bruno’s old (yet, clean) blanket from the shed.  She got one from the miscellaneous blanket box that used to be Snowboy’s that wasn’t washed this year.  Kid will wear that.  It might be a little short on him, but it will be okay.   Mickey had an extra mid-weight blanket in the tack room that I had missed in my obsessive clean-up (thank goodness).  That left Feather with nothing but clean blankets to wear.  We decided since she would be at a show this weekend, we would break out the new blanket.  She would not have a chance to get it dirty and it would  look nice at the show.

With everyone now blanketed for the night, I am especially grateful we got our new roof extension completed.  The driving force behind the extension was to provide shade during the blistering summer months and it will but tonight it is keeping the rain driven by strong northern winds from blowing into the stalls.  Standing in front of the stalls the weather is almost bearable with a jacket, turning into the unprotected corner with the northwind  blowing, let’s just say this southern transplant girl is not at all happy!

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