A girl, a horse and a dog

Lauren, Feather. Kona and the big Texas sky.

Lauren, Feather. Kona and the big Texas sky.

There were few things, actually not any, that I wished for and enjoyed more as a girl than my horse and my dog.  It is nice to see some things survive generations and technological changes.

It was a beautiful day today (a why-you-live-in-Texas day) and Lauren got Feather out to work before going for a lesson tomorrow at Dev’s. I was hanging out with Kona, throwing his tennis ball with my good arm and snapping some pictures.  Lula joined us and there were a couple of times she spotted the ball before Kona.  She would hustle it back to me while Kona was running through the arena still searching for the ball.  She may be old but she still has game.

But Kona got tired of my pathetic throws and decided that Lauren would be the answer to better ball playing.  Off he charged to take Lauren his ball.  He really didn’t understand why she could not grab it from him as he dropped it (a little difficult as she was up in the saddle!).  I have to say for young Feather, she was completely undaunted by the ape-like dog running up and down the arena with her.  We shot some video and Kona even cantered along for several strides before loosing interest in the horse.

Waiting for the throw!

Waiting for the throw!

Kona got several good romps retrieving Lauren’s long throws as she sat up high on her horse.  In the end though, he just couldn’t understand why if he dropped it as he was supposed to do, Lauren couldn’t just throw it again.

The sand covered tennis ball dropped expertly at Feather's feet.

The sand covered tennis ball dropped expertly at Feather’s feet.

Oh, a girl, a horse and a dog, life is good.

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