Leadline, Doctors and Decisions

Leadline is tomorrow.  Jordyn has been over the moon excited all week.  She called me yesterday to tell me (screaming in the phone) that she just got her report card and she had straight A’s!  Additionally, she went on to tell me it was the best week of her life because she had the great report card, an Easter Party at school and PIN OAK!!

Jordyn will get out of school tomorrow at noon for the Easter break.  She will travel with her mom and sister to meet Aunt Lauren and have her hair French braided into pigtails for the night’s activities.  We will all meet up at the Equestrian Center.  I promise lots of pictures and I hope it is all she anticipates it to be.

Kathy just let me know that she turned in the entry form and Jordyn is officially a Pin Oak exhibitor.  Non-horse show people won’t get this, but riders wait their whole life to make it to Pin Oak.  Today, Jordyn told her dad that he needed to get off work to come watch her-“it’s the most important day of my life!” And so he will be there.  Stop by, 5:30, Main ring if you are nearby-it would be great to have a cheering section for Jo and her friend, Abby.


Feather's skinned face.

Feather’s skinned face.

Lauren took Feather to Dev’s for a lesson yesterday.  She loaded easily and calmly (wow, how things change!). Young horses are ‘schooled’ because finding the right spot to jump from or the correct way to take off are instinctual but also something that the rider helps to guide.  Lauren and Feather were having a perfectly nice lesson, jumping easily and well, when Feather just took a bad step and got tangled up in the jump.

Down she and Lauren went.  I am sure you are sick of our stories of hurt horses and hurt people, I am sick of telling them and paying for the problems caused by them.  It was a hard fall but both were lucky.  Feather has a scrapped up face (like skinning your knee) and Lauren has a full left side of hurt from her head to her knee.  Doc says she will be okay-mild concussion and some bruises.  A little concern around her knee which is the same one she hurt last year on Mickey.  She will see the orthopedic guy next week.  I would be really happy to have at least a week or so without vet or doctor visits. Not going to happen for a while.

My surgery scheduled for next Tuesday has also changed.  The surgeon had an opportunity to review my MRIs today and it is unclear (since I have had three previous surgeries on the right shoulder) exactly what the current damage is.  He wants to do another MRI with injectable dye to better see that shoulder.  But surgery is still on for Tuesday because my left shoulder (the virgin shoulder) is completely torn.  We will fix the left one and have plenty of time to obtain additional views of the right.  How great!

As I am right-handed, it will be easier to have the left arm in the sling.  It will also be good when we go to do the right arm that the left will be healed and healthy.  Glad I had plenty of torn shoulders to choose from!

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