And things change

Life is an ever evolving thing at Six Meadow Farm.  A week ago Mickey was attacked in our pasture by an “unknown assailant”.  He is healing.  He is as Jordyn says “tore up”.  But at this point we seem to have warded off infection and all the bites, scratches and cuts are healing.

Mickey and Bruno went to the vet this afternoon.  Mickey for some routine stuff and a check on his injuries.  Bruno, to have his stitches removed from his injury on March 4th that was re-stitched during his trip to Texas A&M.  That is one injury, with its casts, and wrappings that I am very happy to see healing well.  His front hoof, the old bad hoof, is looking great.  Time goes on.  Healing takes place.

We decided against the purchase of a donkey at this time.  I just can’t deal with one additional thing right now.  Hated to let Jack go, tho, I think he would have been the perfect donkey.

Lauren working with Kona (Watch me!) during obedience class.

Lauren working with Kona (Watch me!) during obedience class.

Tonight Lauren  took over as Kona’s trainer in obedience classes.  I saw the orthopedic surgeon last week and he decreed immediate surgery to my right shoulder.  I am scheduled for a rotator cuff repair (four times is charm-I pray) next Tuesday morning.  Have you ever heard of anyone having four repairs to the same shoulder?  But it is so hard.  Each time it is repaired the shoulder is a little more fragile but my work on the farm is no less strenuous.  Last time, I tore it (I believe) reaching up into the Christmas tree.  This time, I believe it tore completely simply reaching my arm up over Leo’s head (yeah, that was awhile ago) to put on his halter.  So, I have been careful.  And I will be ever so careful this time as I ride the road to shoulder re-hab this final time.  I do not think it will take another repair.

Amother dog in obedience class showing his owner love during play time.

Another dog in obedience class showing his owner love during play time.

Amber (the nurse practitioner) will come in next week to help out with my care.  All my girls will be there as I go into the operating room.  It is nice to have their support.  All the grandkids will be here so that will be a welcome diversion as well.


Jordyn called me early this morning to tell me-THREE DAYS UNTIL PIN OAK, GRANNY!!.  She is so excited.  We are down to the final details now.  Packing her things to be sure everything  from bows to boots are clean and shiny for her trip in the ring.  Caitlyn will be leading Ky while Jordyn rides.  I think this will allow for a great chance for success as Ky knows and trusts his owner, Caitlyn.  Caitlyn is actually wearing a dress.  We have tried to get Lauren to step up but her dress selection seems limited to sun dresses or prom dresses and neither seems very appropriate.

I am scrambling to get a million things done before I am side-lined.  Please say a prayer for me.  Thanks for riding along.

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