Walk in the Spirit

Jordyn and Kendyll dedicating their lives to walking with the spirit.

Jordyn and Kendyll dedicating their lives to walking with the spirit.

Jordyn and baby sister Kendyll were part of a baby dedication last night.  While not the church either Ally or Luke was brought up in, or one I had visited before, it was great to see them choosing this path for their children. While I feel a deep presence of God in my life, I have been lax in finding a path to a specific church since coming to Texas.

I enjoyed the service, welcomed the fellowship and have thought a lot about the message the pastor provided last night.  He spoke of walking in the spirit, not because of rules or necessity but because we have the freedom to be Christians (or whatever we choose) and by making that choice are free to be better people.

I have struggled with depression.  I have struggled with despair.  But if I freely let God lead me, I can accept and live more gently. Anyway, I will try harder to walk with the spirit.

In other news,  Jim is coming back strong after his fall. There is a rumor that he may head home soon.

We picked up a couple of new toys for Bruno to help him pass the time in his stall. He had suggested hanging the Corgi in his stall by a rope so that he could bat her around but we opted for a ball he can push around with his nose and kick about with his hooves.  He seems to be enjoying it. It hasn’t landed outside the stall or been crushed yet so those are good signs.

We sent pictures of Bruno’s hoof to Dr. Marsh today at TAMU. We are hoping for new advice on his care.  Also, we have a good possibility of Mimi leaving to go to a great show home. They want to try her a couple weeks so we will see how she does.  Feather has her first show of 2013 in two weeks.  Lauren and Feather had a pretty rough ride at the lesson Thursday. Nothing atypical of a young horse.  Just atypical of Feather.  I hope that is out of her system!

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