Things around here

It is starting to get green around here again.

It is starting to get green around here again.

Jim is continuing to get better each day.  Jay reports from Tucson that yesterday Jim was allowed out of bed with a walker (for stability) and he was quickly whizzing down the hallways amazing the nursing staff with his prowess and speed.  He is brighter and looking forward to busting out of the hospital even if his next stop will be for a little inpatient rehab before he is allowed to go home.  I have said a hundred times, if I am half as able, mentally and physically, as he is at 95 I will be blessed. Some would counter that I am not as mentally and physically able as him now!

After Jordyn spilled the story of Jim and his fall to my mom, she has asked about him each day.  But somehow she has it in her head that he did not just fall down.  Each day she asks me “how did Jim fall out of a tree?”  I don’t have any idea where she got that from-I am sure Jordyn never said anything about a tree.  She has had a spread of almost a week where she recognized Jordyn, Lauren and I.  But yesterday, she couldn’t even keep it straight who I was.  But when she did, she begged to come home with me.  She told me she could just curl up in a ball and hide in the corner of my house.  I hate telling her no, that she has to stay.

It is getting warm here-80 degrees today.  We will have to figure out how to keep Bruno cool if this stall confinement continues much longer.  I guess it is time to break out the fans and get them circulating some air.  I feel like we just took them down.

I will need to get some kind of roof extension to provide more shade to keep Bruno from living in an Easy Bake Oven as the temperatures increase.  He is in a metal building that is open in front but completely closed along one side and the back.  When the sun hits the metal it just holds the heat.  Open to the eastern sun, in the winter this is a nice asset but come hotter days by early morning it is baking hot inside the stalls. As the sun moves across the sky, the stalls fall into shade so afternoons are fairly comfortable.

We are continuing with the every three-day wrapping of Bruno’s hoof.  Lauren has had fun coming up with new patterns of Vet Wrap to use.  We will be sending a picture to his vet at Texas A&M at the next bandage change to see if we need to change any of treatment we are doing for him.

Bruno sporting pink camo vet wrap this week.

Bruno sporting pink camo vet wrap this week.

Lauren is busy riding her horses and going to school.  She is having an extremely hectic semester between all the farm activities, school and keeping the household running.  Work has picked up for me and I am not contributing much to chores around here.

Amber is feeling better after her bout with the flu.  Lexi had her 18 month check up and shots today so she, no doubt, is not very happy tonight.

We met Ally and family on Sunday for a birthday lunch.  Kendyll entertained herself by eating avocados.  She is a Texas baby.

Kendyll and Jordyn ready for the Texas summer although it is February. It comes early around here.

Kendyll and Jordyn ready for the Texas summer although it is February. It comes early around here.

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