Jim and Family Update

Just a quick update tonight to say that Jim came through surgery well. Jay just let us know that his 95 year-old dad was already looking for some books to read and seemingly was improving by the hour.  If any of us had gone through brain surgery last night, we would still be lights out in ICU.  Jim is the most resilient person I know.

I missed mom tonight, getting away from work too late to make it there by dinner.  I will bring Jordyn to see her tomorrow and that will help me be forgiven for missing today.

Today is Ally’s birthday and she is home alone with the kids.  Luke got called into work.  I wish I had known sooner so we could have planned something special.  But tomorrow night Jo will be with us so Ally can have a night to celebrate with friends.

Amber is hit hard in Denver with the flu.  She seldom complains about anything but I can tell she feels horrible.  I wish I could scoop up Lexi and Riley for a full-court press of grandkids at Granny’s house.

Caroline will take OTTB Joey to Dev’s for his first lesson tomorrow.  As you may remember, Sarah rescued Joey from some pretty dire conditions and Caroline has been his special angel in getting him back to health and back to work.  I have posted some progress reports on him. I will get new pictures and an update on him tomorrow.  We will take Feather back for another lesson and Jordyn is traveling along with us hoping to get to ride her Snowney pony.  Sounds like a pretty perfect day!

Please remember Jim in your prayers.  Thanks for riding along.

Jim (95) and mom (88) last summer in Denver.

Jim (95) and mom (88) last summer in Denver.

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