Feather floats and flys

The standards (what hold the jump) are five foot.  Feather is clearing this with ease.

The standards (what hold the jump) are five foot. Feather is clearing this with ease.

After multiple false starts and problems due to weather, blown tires and other misadventures, we finally got Feather up to trainer Dev’s today for the first time in many months. In fact, except for schooling at the show grounds, Feather has not jumped for at least three months.

Promptly, as we got out to the ring, other horses started running in the pasture, they spooked Feather and Lauren went off.  It was not an auspicious beginning.  Dev set some grid like  jumps (three in a row) and the first couple of times he set them low.  Feather and Lauren were still getting adjusted.  Feather is much lighter to handle than Mickey (think barely touching your reins versus seriously pulling your horse around) and you have the difference between the two horses.  Plus Mickey is super experienced and this is all new to Feather.  But after the second time through, no matter how Dev raised the jumps, Feather floated over and flew across any jump in her path.  It was all pretty amazing!

We will take it slow with her but had been wondering for the entire year we had her if she could “really” jump.  The furthest Mickey has ever gone is the Low amateur division.  Today after their all-star ride, Dev didn’t say “if” or “maybe”, he said you have a horse that can do the “highs” (the next division above the lows) if not more.

As Roger Craeger sings, “Things are looking good around here”.

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