Not a bloody good day!

I have three daughters and all three of them had bloody bad days today. And my mother, well, don’t get me started on her.

According to Wikipedia-Bloody is the adjectival form of blood. It is commonly used as an expletive attributive (intensifier) in the United Kingdom and many Commonwealth and ex-Commonwealth countries. 

Well, we may be in a non-Commonwealth country (maybe, technically we are an ex-Commonwealth country-you know the whole split from England thing), but the phrase was appropriate today, figuratively and literally.

Jordyn, at age five, had permanent teeth appear behind her baby front teeth.  They had to be pulled this morning.  Due to a delay in the timing of the anesthetic or maybe just because it hurt, Jordyn cried long after she got home from the dentist.  I have been assured that there was a great of blood involved in this first example of my daughters’ bloody day.

I called Ally to beg for help (although she was standing over Jordyn and dentist at the time) when I received a call from Lauren telling me she was stranded on the side of the highway.  Lauren and Feather had been headed to trainer Dev’s for their first lesson in over 60 days.  But it wasn’t to be.  Lauren had a trailer tire blow out on the highway causing the truck to rock hard to left.  When Lauren finally got the trailer safely off the road, she found Feather’s white face covered in blood. To say she was panicked and overwhelmed when she called me was an understatement.  We have no one to call here to help.  I knew Luke was at work and Blake was at school.

I tried a tire store that suggested she drive it on up there.  Then Lauren called me back to tell me some nice man had pulled over to help her. Mommas out there, if you are raising your sons to help stranded women with horse trailers, I applaud you!  Then I called Dr. Criner to see if she might be in the vicinity to give Feather a look over to decide if we should head home or to the vet clinic.  Luck was on our side when she told me she was about 10 miles away.

Just about the time, Dr. Criner arrived the guy had finished with the tire.  I even had Lauren borrow some cash from DC to give to the young man (full service vet care).  I will pay her back soon!  Dr. Criner wanted to get Feather out of  the trailer to examine her but I reminded her we were dealing with Feather who might never get back in the trailer after this so she settled on examining her through the trailer window.  She determined Feather had cut her ear, it did not need stitches, but had produced a lot of blood.

By this time, Lauren was ready to head home and I think Jo had finally quit crying over her teeth and was settled in to watch a movie.  Amber had been calling me off and on but I am doing training at work and was trying to focus on it, and had not picked up the calls.  Turns out Amber endured a minor surgical procedure that also produced a lot of bleeding.  She had gone in for a consultation and it had been decided to just “do it now”.  This is my nurse practitioner daughter who is usually on the doing not the receiving end of health care.  She didn’t like it a bit.

What a time!  My head is still reeling.  When I got to my mom’s she was distraught over news of Jim’s fourth marriage and just couldn’t believe he could have married two women after her (of course, he hadn’t but that took some explaining and repetition to get her to believe).

I am now going straight to bed.  I have not had a bloody good day but so far I have encountered no actual blood.  It does not seem like a day to take any chances!

p.s.  When I got my used 2002 trailer they said it had new tires on it.  They looked fine and had good tread.  One blew a year ago but both of my son-in-laws were on hand to help.  The tire store said today that the three remaining tires had dry rot and could have blown out at any time.  I replaced all the tires.  I am grateful that except for a little stress and a lot of superficial blood all are fine.  I am grateful that the tires did not blow out on the trips to or from College Station with Bruno.

2 thoughts on “Not a bloody good day!

  1. Just a note on tires and trailers–have the axles checked regularly. I had a trailer with the front axle “out of alignment” and it wore the left front tire “oddly” and to the fabric. Firestone in Hesperia, California, was on my list for awhile. I’d get the tires replaced and NOT ONE WORD said about this “odd wear.”

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