And Some More Rain

No riding in this arena for a while.

No riding in this arena for a while.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the forecast.  For Wharton, it was forecasted that we would receive up to six inches of rain between this morning and tomorrow night.  Who gets six inches of rain?  Maybe with a hurricane or a tropical storm but in January?  Again, maybe six inches of snow but not of rain, not of water.   Of course, this unlikely weather event comes along with the doctor’s order that Bruno cannot get his hoof wet.

We got through today.  Maybe two to three inches of rain fell on the farm. More is forecasted for tonight and tomorrow.  I remember when my friend Gaylyn told me that this winter was going to be wet.  We made changes to the barn, the walkways, and the arena. We were going to see if my project improvement plans were really worthwhile.

I texted Lauren late this afternoon.  I was 70 miles away-I hadn’t seen what it looked like “in the country”.  She said we had been hit pretty hard.  The trailer was sitting on an island, surrounded by water.  Then I asked if Bruno’s stall was dry.  (We had an evacuation plan where we would cover his leg in plastic and move him to Gaylyn’s barn if the water got too high.)  I waited anxiously for her reply, scared that I hadn’t been able to keep Bruno’s leg dry.

Lauren replied, “Bruno’s stall is dry. They are all dry.”

I gave a sigh of relief and headed for home.

Northeast Wharton-20130108-00377

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