As you sow so shall you reap

Jordyn, at the nursing home today,  in the purple, near center with the black boots on.

Jordyn, at the nursing home today, in the purple, near center with the black boots on.

I pondered over the title of this post.  It is about Jordyn and nursing homes and doing what you do not want do, but doing it anyway because it is right.  So bear with me a few moments for my story of the day. 

From the time Jordyn was only a toddler, she would fly to Denver with me to see my mom and Jim.  She calls them Granny Nanny  and GGJim (Great-Grandpa Jim).  Since mom’s on-going mental deterioration the trips got more frequent and more often than not, Jordyn would come along.  Not only did she get to see her great grandparents but it was a time for her to get know her Aunt Amber, Uncle Ryan and cousins Riley and Lexi. 

Baby Jordyn on her first trip to visit Granny nanny.

Baby Jordyn on her first trip to visit Granny nanny.

On a complete side issue, I cannot get through airline security without setting off the alarms due to the hip replacement metal I have.  When Jordyn was traveling with me, the choices were, to have her go with the security guy or to be “wanded” and patted down with me.  If you have ever had a toddler, you know the choice was to stay close to me.  Stranger anxiety was at its height.  After a couple of trips, we were coming back through security at the big Denver International Airport.  Essentially, they have one giant screening area.  As Jo and I got to the head of the line and were directed over to the screening area, little two-year old Jordyn walked over, placed her feet on the foot marks, spread her legs, raised her arms and “assumed the position” for the security screening.  An appreciative, and unbelieving Denver crowd started cheering and clapping for her as she politely stood for her wanding.  Ally has successfully used “get in the security position”  to get Jordyn in the position to put sunscreen on for several summers now.

Anyway… the point is Jordyn has spent a lot of time of Nanny. Since my mom has moved to Texas, Jordyn sees her usually once a week.  Let’s face it, she is now a nursing home patient and not necessarily an inviting thing to hug and kiss, certainly not like a puppy or kitten.   And although it is clear that Jordyn does not really want to hug Nanny anymore, she does on each visit, usually several times, because Jo knows it means a lot to me and to my mom. 

Today Jordyn’s school went to another nursing home to sing Christmas carols to the residents.  The teacher made a point of telling the kids that they did not have to hug the residents although the residents would probably try to get a hug from the children.  They sang their carols brightly and at the end, Ally was there to watch Jordyn willfully make her way around the room to each interested resident and hold out her arms inviting a big hug.  Jordyn did not have many other students following her lead. 

I couldn’t be prouder of her.  She has learned a few valuable lessons.  First, is to treat her elders with respect, regardless of how they look, smell or act.  Second, she can set her own path and not need to follow in the footsteps of others.  Third, sometimes the hard thing is the best thing and brings great joy to others. I hope this is a situation where she will reap what she sows.  We could all learn something from this bright child.

6 thoughts on “As you sow so shall you reap

  1. This one brought back memories of a time about 12 or 15 years ago. Lori and Rylie would visit Nanny (your Aunt Bill) Ry was about 4; she would always make the rounds. The residents loved to see her coming. As an 18-year-old high school senior she still has a “soft spot” for the elderly and for those less fortunate.
    I loved the airport security story.

    • How long ago did Aunt Bill pass away? I was trying to do some family medical history for my mom’s caregiver and didn’t have all the dates. I will have to post a great picture of Rylie with Ally from the last time we were there.

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