Another Saturday Night

Been catching up with sleep and rest since the boys left on Wednesday.  I have been trying to get rid of pneumonia since before Thanksgiving.  I am better but still tired, guess it will take awhile. 

Mom has been overly confused since Jim and Jay left.  She thinks they will be back to take her out to dinner any minute and has been dressed and waiting in the lobby.  She keeps asking me why Jim isn’t spending more time with her.  I don’t have a good answer.  Tonight she told me that Jim had gotten a truck and was coming to get her.  I hope she forgets about all this soon. 

Ally and Lauren have been busy with finals coming up next week. It will be great when this semester is over for Ally.  It was a lot to take so many hours so soon after having Kendyll.  But she has gotten through it.  They both have.  I am proud of them.

Tonight I have my office Holiday party.  I was part of the organizing committee so know it will be nice.  It’s another Saturday and I am happy to have somewhere to get dressed up and go. 

Tomorrow Lauren and I will take some photos with the horses.  That should be fun!

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