What’s up with Momma

Jordyn taking Nanny down to dinner.

As shown above mom has been in a wheelchair for several weeks.  Jordyn has enjoyed taking her around and has gotten quite adebt at it.  I love this picture!

Now, mom has started walking again.  As completely as she had taken to the wheelchair she has now left it. She is getting along pretty well.  Yesterday was a good day mentally and she enjoyed the recent letter and pictures from Jim and Jay.

Over the weekend, Ally, Luke and the girls joined Lauren, mom and I for Sunday dinner.  Mom loves seeing the kids and seems to enjoy my cooking (I have a limited but successful number of dishes to serve). 

Ally and Lauren took mom back home after dinner.  Upon arriving at the nursing home, mom takes great pride in introducing her family to the other residents and caregivers.  Ally was a little taken back when Lauren was introduced as her granddaughter but Ally was “Jordyn’s mother”.  I am happy she was remembering the relationship between Ally and Jordyn.  Ally, I am sure, will have a lot of time to get used to be known as “Jordyn’s Mom”.

Tonight was bale hay night so I did not get to mom’s.  she called frantically asking if someone could please come get from the awful place she was in.  It seems whenever I miss a night, we go backwards.  I will catch up with her tomorrow and hope to get the positive track flowing.

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