All Around


New fence-sun going down on another day

The world is spinning.  I will update on the latest events that have been going on here at the farm.

Momma has had a good week following her deep dive into the world of Alzheimer’s last Saturday.  The nursing home had to move her room around due to some state regulations and that left her a little confused.  She awakened and fell Wednesday night.  We had a trip to the hospital but she is okay with sore back.  Thank God it was not worse.  That said, she has been brighter this week.  Actually, in spite of the fall, getting out of the wheelchair more and being more active.  Jim and Jay sent her three boxes of clothes from Arizona and I cannot wait for her to see them today.  She has been so excited just anticipating them.   She looked real pretty last night, in pink of course, excited about dinner.  She has been getting some cards and loves to look at them over and over.  Message me for her address if you would like to send her a card.  It means a lot to her.

I have been troubled by a rash and pain in my leg.  The doctor confirmed that I have shingles and it is slowing me down significantly.  The drugs are starting to kick in and I am just now feeling a little better.

The fences are done.  The gravel and sand have been delivered, dumped and grated.  The weather changed this morning with cooler weather and rain expected.  I think all these wonderful updates will help get us through the winter, higher and drier.

Caitlyn is off to Washington D.C. to ride the Washington International Horse Show Medal final.  She had a stellar ride in the hunter phase today.  Tomorrow will be the jumper phase (the area that she and her horse usually excel in) and then those called back for the final will ride Sunday.  The horses are stalled in tents on the hard pavement of the Capital’s roads.  I do not think most horses would have adjusted as well as KY.  I am sending my prayers for Godspeed and great rounds.  If you want to watch an amazing horse jump feat tune in tonight for the Puissance live at  

Tonight is the salute to the Military and features the heart-stopping Puissance competition. Horses will jump the great wall until only one horse remains without knocking it down. The Washington International is one of the few remaining shows in the US to offer this class. The record to beat is 7’ 7-1/2,” set at Washington in 1986.

It should be on live about 8:00 pm central time.

Jordyn is coming to visit granny.  Tomorrow we will ride and Lauren is off to a haunted house.  Sunday will be a family dinner.  And we just found out that maybe Amber, Ryan and the kids might be able to make a quick stop in Texas for the Christmas holiday.  Yay!

Life goes on.

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