Yep, I am!

I had an unexpected half day off today, following what I thought would be an involved Dental appointment (that wasn’t) I ended up with much of the afternoon unscheduled.  Rain had returned to Texas and the storms were rolling along off and on all afternoon.  It set the stage for getting some quiet time and chores done inside the house as all riding activities were cancelled.

Jordyn usually comes on Friday but she has her big debut at the Fort Bend County Fair in Mutton Busting tomorrow night and Ally did not want her over-tired.  What, Granny would make her over-tired?  Never.  I don’t know what I will have to report to you tomorrow.  Jo may go into the arena on the back of a sheep and ride her full eight seconds or she might balk at the last moment.  Either way I will be there with the camera ready. 

One time when Jordyn was about two and a half, my old boss had a great summer office party at the local airport.  When not playing in the giant bouncy house or eating Texas barbeque, he had arranged for helicopter rides out over the surrounding area and the Gulf.  It was all Jordyn could talk about.  Lauren and I kept telling her that we didn’t think she could go, that she was too small, but she just would turn and look at us and say, “Yep, I am, Granny!”  This went on over and over for two full days preceding the party.  When we got to the airport we got special permission for Jo to go in the helicopter on Luke’s lap.  Then we awaited our turn.  All Jo was focused on was the helicopter, each time it came and landed she was more enthusiastic. 

Finally, they called for Ally, Luke and Jordyn.  She got up to the helicopter and all was well until they started to place her inside.  Then it was “Granny, get me out, get me out!!”.  Needless to say, I held Jo as her parents took off in the sky.  I will never forget the “Yep, I am”.

So, tomorrow, I do not know if it will be another day of “Yep, I am” and then last minute bail out.  I am proud of her for trying and believing she can do this.  I will give you the update Sunday.

Rain is to continue all night and all day tomorrow.  I should have some nutty stall-bound horses by then.  But fortunately, Lauren and I got Rye Grass seed spread earlier this week so timing should be pretty good for our rain.  Also, it is almost time for the last cutting of hay where we will hope to put up 100 bales or so for winter.  So, the rain will give it an added push before the cut.

Lauren and I saw momma this afternoon and as we walked into the lobby we saw Jeff Davang.  The Davangs are long-time friends and yet we had no idea Jeff’s mom was at the same center as mine.  Jeff’s mom has been there about six months so that eases my mind.  Momma was so surprised to see me and just couldn’t believe I had come!  I was just there yesterday.  What a horrible disease this is-taking your memories and leaving fear and anxiety.

Keep Jordyn in your prayers as she goes into the big rodeo arena tomorrow.  Thanks and good night.

1 thought on “Yep, I am!

  1. Enjoy the weekend, but we must quit talking about Rodeo; the old man’s feet are starting to itch just a little. I’m not really tempted, just remembering some of the good times.

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