Photographs and Memories

Through the marvel of new Kodak software gained on Ebay for $1.99, I got years of photographs back and an ability to save pictures and videos from my existing camera to my computer.  As someone who is seldom without my camera-this was a thrilling accomplishment!

Lauren and I sat at the computer last night spending a few hours viewing old photos-most of these were not “old” photos like from years ago but the photos from the time we moved here to Six Meadow Farm.  But there are thousands of photos and it was great fun to view them all again.  So, I will leave the writing behind tonight and share some early photos of time on the farm.  There are bound to be lots of horse, dog and baby pictures so sign off now if not what you want to see!

Ally pregnant with Jordyn with Luke on Snowboy-May 2007

We didn’t have much of an arena to start with and the pastures were quickly devoured by the six horses that ran on them each day.

In the beginning, we kept another rescue horse, Secret for a friend.  Mariah had not turned gray yet and Kid was a younger man. Not sure where Mickey was at the time of the picture.  A paint named Tate would join us soon.

Mickey was just coming into his own when we moved here.  Lauren was just really starting to be able to get over the big jumps.


Sophie and Lula the dachshunds with baby Sneaky the Corgi looking out from behind.

We got Sophie from CAP, a rescue in Houston,  she was some kind of dachshund + Lab mix.  Great dog,  died too soon.