Moving On

Amber, Lexi and I got to mom’s today to finish the packing and have everything ready for the movers.  There wasn’t a lot left.  We packed a couple of boxes that are winging their way Fed Ex to my house.  We packed a suitcase with what was left of her clothes.

All the drawers are empty.  Clothes set out for tomorrow.  We went over the plan a couple times with both mom and the caregivers.  We were ready to go out to lunch.  Lexi was sick so she was a little grumpy and mom seemed pretty overwhelmed with the whole move thing.  She is very positive and I think ready to go but not really clear on how it will all work.  We had discussed the furniture going to Amber’s and the movers being there first thing in the morning.  Still she would ask again if we were throwing away the furniture.

Amber took a couple of suitcases and Lexi down to the car and mom and I were making our way (slowly) there as well.  As we got to the elevator, she got worried it would be too cold outside.  We got to the outside door.  She took one step outside.  “I can’t go.  It is way too hot!”  And so we didn’t.  Oh, boy-if she thinks its hot in Denver, we may never go outside again once we get to Texas.

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