Saturday at the Vet

BrownDog bitten multiple times by a snake

Last Saturday saw my family coping with the horrible, brutal injury to Amber and Ryan’s Irish Wolfhound that resulted in his death.

This Saturday, with Lauren and I tired and worn out from the trip and drama last weekend followed by an extremely busy week and a couple of long horse show days, we really had not paid enough attention to our own dogs.  When we got home this afternoon, we let everyone outside but did not stop to spend any time with the dogs.

While we were over at the barn getting Feather settled back in, we heard the dogs barking frantically but thought it was about a cat, raccoon or possum that they had discovered in the old garage.  We never thought snake-which is pretty stupid considering Lauren has killed two here this summer.

When we went to get the dogs inside, BrownDog was not walking on her paw and it was hugely swollen.  It almost looked like it had been caught in a trap because the puncture wounds were so large.  I tried to clean it up, felt the heat in the leg and knew it was going to be another Saturday (after hours) at the vet.

Thankfully, Wharton Vet could see us right away.  It didn’t take long for Dr. Schmid to confirm it was a snake bite-multiple snake bites.  We were lucky to get treatment started quickly and BrownDog should be fine if infection does not set in.  She got anti-inflammatory shots, antibiotic shots. pain shots and something else I do not remember.  She is pretty quiet right now and resting.

I could do without a Saturday at the vet next week for my family or I.

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