A lot of activity going on here for me.  Now, that we have made the decision to bring mom to Texas, so much needs to be done quickly.  I will go sign the contract at the new facility tomorrow and I sent the cancellation to her current one yesterday.  The new facility has a promotion to sign a contract before July 31st and get a month free, so we will.  That way for no additional charge we can have access to new apartment all month and be able to prepare it for mom’s arrival.

Yesterday, in my workplace’s marketplace ads, I found furniture that I think will work well for her.  It is not cost effective to move her few things from Denver here so Amber will inherit a few more pieces of what is left of “Brown” household.  I got mover’s set up for August 31st.  I am working with the family men here (that would be Luke and Blake) to see if they will take the horse trailer into Houston and pick up the new bed, dresser and night stand.  I was thankful when asked that Blake immediately responded, “sure, anything for cute Nanny”. 

Nanny’s new bed-I think she will like it

Her new bed will need a “low-profile” mattress and boxspring so she can get in and out of it easily.  The dresser is white as well and hopefully will remind her of her old one.  I am still looking for a couple of new chairs and a small table to complete the room but have plenty of time. Additionally, we will need to find a tv (Gaylyn has already offered one but am concerned it might be too big) and few other items to make it feel like home. 

At my home, to add to the appliances I have replaced this year, the washer and dryer both went out within a week of each other so we are waiting for delivery today.  Bit by bit, my old home is getting re-outfitted with modern appliances, if I want it to or not.  I am excited to have a washer that will actually automatically drain water (it had become a manual process with the old one) and a dryer that vents outside and turns off.  I know, I have high expectations. 

On the animal front, Mickey is taking some time off pending his lab work outcomes.   Jordyn is coming and she has told her whole pre-school that she is going to trot today because she is a big girl now.  Mickey may have to do a little work.  Feather is still on her load in the trailer every day schedule, working harder and getting more fit.  Leo is just maintaining.  Lauren (and I when forced into it) are riding him at least three times a week and continuing to jump him.  He is not going in the trailer with Feather least he freak her out again, but he might go somewhere on his own.

We traded Lauren’s 2007 Vibe for a 2003 Jeep.  Sounds like a stupid idea but the Vibe had 150,000 miles on it and the Jeep 42,000.  And to help our life on the farm, the Jeep is four wheel drive and that will help us get feed and hay when things are wet.  Also, it should be a little better to drag our arena with the Jeep than the my VW.  People stopped on the highway to watch that.  So, Lauren is channeling her inner Lorelei Gilmore (think Gilmore Girls) and her Texas cowgirl persona.  I asked her if she was going to take the top off to give Jordyn a ride and she said she didn’t know how, or if she got it off, she wasn’t sure she could get it back on. Oh, we are so pathetic!

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