Colorado Massacre-from Amber’s Eyes

 My daughter, Amber, is a nurse practitioner living in the Denver suburbs.  The horrible Aurora massacre touched home for her not only because she is an area resident but because she has good friends and co-workers in the health care.  The morning of the shootings she learned from the news that a three-month old baby was fortunately treated and released.  Two other children died that morning.  As someone in health care it is all too easy to visualize the horrible, frantic activity surrounding Friday morning’s early hours. 

A couple of Amber’s friends made a last minute decision not to go see the movie at the Aurora theatre which they always frequented.  That decision may have saved their life.  Add to this the overwhelming local coverage of these events, Amber’s empathic nature and it is no wonder that this brutal surprise sent Amber’s emotions reeling today.

Amber had signed up for one of many continuing education classes required for her license; today’s was on patient charting.  Amber headed to Aurora for the class, no doubt with thoughts of the shootings rolling through her mind.  She texted me from class location.  Spellbound, horrified and shaking like a leaf, she texted, “the clinic I am at sits right across the street from the movie theatres.  It is so eerie.  Lots of people here, news crews and cameras, balloons, flowers, stuffed animals and rest in peace signs.”  It was so overwhelming.  I think it shook her to her core.  My caregiver daughter with the gentle soul was faced directly with one of the most horrendous crime scenes in modern history. 

Let us not forget the children, the families, the wives, husbands and friends that were lost this last Friday night.  We cannot (and perhaps would not) drive to the scene and be touched-seared to our core as Amber was today, but let’s continue to remember and pray for the all who were impacted by this tragedy.

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