Double Blessed

Look closely-double rainbows over my farm!

I vow to live more gratefully

To complain less

and accept more

To be aware and appreciative

of what I have

The good health of my family

the continued soundness

of my horses and wellness

of all my animals

It looks like my momma

will be coming home

to place she’s never been before

to live out her days in Texas

Lots of big decisions

Lots of changes in our lives

So I must

do better, live harder

be more joyful

you don’t get a lot of chances

to find the double rainbows

sometimes on tropical islands

they appear

but twice this year

the double rainbows have shined

over my little farm

with peaceful, shimmering rays

lighting up the afternoon skies

something good must be in store

something good coming my way

I am ready to receive

and give back more than I have

Please show me the way

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