I have tried as a mother and grandmother, to instill a love and respect of animals in my children and grandchildren.  It is clearly a desire of mine for my grandchildren to be comfortable around and enjoy horses and equestrian sports. 

It brought me profound joy to reunite Jordyn with Snowney-Pony as she calls him this weekend at the Great SW Equestrian Center in Katy,TX.

Snow comes to us from the ASPCA with a run through Sarah/Sharelle Petty’s rescue.  Jordyn started riding on his back before she could walk.  She was trotting on his back as a two-year old.  Then came my new job and less time at home.  We got to spend less time with Jordyn and Jordyn less time with Snow.  I made the decision to send Snow to Lauren’s trainer, Dev, where he could use him (and pay his bills) until the time Jordyn was ready and able to ride him again on a regular basis.

Snow has done well at Dev’s winning numerous championships for little girls there-including one for Isabelle this weekend.  But it was also time for Jordyn to get back on Snowney’s back in the show ring.

The first class done by a lot of little riders is “Leadline”.  The parent (or aunt-in our case) leads the little rider into the ring all decked out in show gear on a tiny English saddle.  The judge asks for a couple of things from the riders, like show your jumping position or some basic questions.

Jordyn was with us on Friday when Snow arrived in Dev’s trailer.  Nothing would do but to get on him and take a trip around the show grounds.  Lauren schooled Mick and Leo.  We left the horses at the Equestrian Center and headed home for last minute preparations.

Early Saturday morning, Jo along with Caroline’s daughter Abby, got ready for the ring.  Their hair was done in braids with large ribbons.  They sported jodhpurs and paddock boots.  Hard hats (helmets) were required and on.  We caught a great picture of the girls, both four years old, peering into Snow’s stall.

Abby and Jordyn, entry numbers in place,checking on Snow.

Both girls did great in the ring.  I would note that Abby’s pony is a rescue as well, but no two ponies could be cuter!

I love the picture of Jordyn with her parents.  Ally is late in her pregnancy with sister Kendyll.  They are all in blue and it matches to Snowney’s blue ribbon perfectly.

I love that Jordyn loves the shows, and the horses.  I love that I am lucky enough to share it all with her.  My one dear friend reminded me later, just wait until Jordyn is a teen riding for the top spot in the Junior Division.  She said, “you will want to keep these pictures close at hand to remind her where she started”.

I will indeed want to do that.  I will indeed.


Jordyn on Snowbaby Go-earning her blue ribbon for a job well done.

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