Leo-Stands Still


Just a quick note- the severe storm that tore limbs from our tree and drove holes through our roof, also has kept the horses from being ridden.  Our arena is still a few days from being rideable and much of our pastures are just mud.

I saddled up Mickey and Lauren got on Leo to ride the hay rides this afternoon.  It was still wetter than I thought it would be on the dirt roads.  Both horses were hyped up and excited.  Feather was charging up the fence line wanting to go along with the boys.

We were doing a long trot headed through the corn road at a pretty good pace.  I was having some problems holding on to Mickey.  I think the Belmont was fresh in his mind and he wanted to show everyone how fast he could go.  Just as we were nearing the end of the road, where we would turn for home, a cow popped up in the neighboring pasture scaring both horses. Leo saw him first and hit the brakes, hard.  Lauren went flying over his head and hit the ground on her hip.  Mickey was braced to turn and run.

 Remarkably, although Lauren had lost her reins in the tumble, the big horse, stood over her.  He was scared of the cow, but concerned for his rider.  I was trying to maneuver over to him to grab his reins.  Leo just stood and waited for Lauren to get back up from the ground.  He waited for her to grab his reins and re-mount.  I have rarely been so thankful for anything in my life.  If he would have bolted, Mickey would have run with him and I, well, I would be on the ground somewhere.  Life Flight would probably be in the air headed to pick me up.

Lauren is a little banged up and no doubt tomorrow will be moving a little slow.  But Leo stood still and I am grateful to whatever trainer taught him that long ago.


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