OTTBs-I’ll Have Another

Thoroughbred-“I’ll Have Another”

Today’s triple crown possiblity is gone.  Not happening this year.  And “I’ll Have Another”  will never have another chance to race for the Triple Crown.  The race is for three year olds only and so, he will not be part of that select few that won the Triple Crown of Racing.  Further, it will remain speculation that he ever could or would have won the Belmont.  He was injured on Friday, pulling up after his morning workout with Tendonitis.

“I’ll Have Another” did not come from a top stable nor was he bred in any extrordinary way.  He has that something special that all Thoroughbred owners look for and few ever actually get.  He was purchased in Florida originally for $11,000.  Too rich for my pocketbook, but pennys to Thoroughbred owners.  The man who bought him, did what Lauren and I try to do at Six Meadow Farm, buy low sell high.  And when “I’ll Have Another”, nicknamed by his daughter as “Cheetos” for his bright red coat, sold for $35,000 to his present owner, they thought they had made a pretty good profit.  Not bad, really, in a world where you are lucky ever to sell a horse for more than you bought it for and certainly enough to cover his costs.  “Cheetos” is worth millions now, even without the Triple Crown win, even if he never runs again.  As a stallion with sellable breeding rights, he will be a hot commodity.  He will be another off-the-track thoroughbred (OTTB).

Rescued Joe-skinny,covered in fungus, far from his glory days. Aother chance for this OTTB-you bet

In the meantime, back in Texas, Sarah Petty (the rescue queen) called me about another OTTB.  A big, strapping gelding she had rescued was ready for a new home.  She wanted a few hundred dollars to cover the costs of vet work and rehab she had done.  Lauren went with Caroline to see him.  We knew he had run five races, placed in all of them (so he must have been pretty fast) , was six years old (so young enough to start a whole new life) and big.  He is almost 17 hands but probably weighs maybe 400 pounds less than Leo.  He doesn’t look like much.  Maybe he never will.  But maybe with his size, speed and age, well maybe, he will be a great jumper.  His pedigree has some famous horses on it.  His grand-sire is Triple Crown winner Seattle Slew and several times in his pedigree the great horse Bold Ruler shows up.  If you don’t know, my Jordyn can tell you-that was Secretariart’s sire and one great horse.  So, “R V Smokin Joe” (his registered name) is going home to Caroline’s house.  I think we might as well call him “Groceries” because all he will be doing is light work and eating for awhile.  Hopefully, he will do well, turn out to be a great guy and jump the moon.  We are back to that dream thing again.  Hail the OTTBs-I think I’ll have another.

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