Family Updates

Picture from Amber and Ryan’s trip to St. Thomas.

A lot is going on today.  Ally is getting closer and closer to delivering baby Kendyll.  She is sick to her stomach, having contractions and is in that overly miserable last month of pregnancy time.  I hope (although she does not hope with me) that she is not having a baby now.  She is due first week of July and it would be better for baby for her to wait.  Jordyn is with her uncle today and Lauren will pick up Jordyn tomorrow. I hope that helps ease what Ally is dealing with to some degree.  Her husband, Luke, works for the utility company.  He went to work yesterday afternoon and has not been released to come home yet.  The heat is on in Houston and the power company is feeling the pinch.  I bet Luke wishes Ally would have the baby, too!

I got an email from the assisted living facility that Jim told them my mom is moving out and moving to Houston with me.  He assured them he had discussed this with me.  When I talked with her yesterday she was so disheartened.  She cried on the phone to me.  I did tell her she can always come here and we will figure out a place for her.  I did not tell her she is moving now.  If she needs to, we will figure it out, but I suspect this will pass as well.  Wow!  I just don’t know how to deal with this from so far away.  If she came here, I would see her more in the evenings and weekends, but I am gone almost 12 hours a day so could not take Jim’s place in keeping her company.

Amber and Ryan should be on their way home from a trip to St. Thomas.  The kids stayed with Ryan’s folks.  Apparently, they all went to a county fair that had pony rides.  Riley was insistent on riding.  He had a great time and told his grandma he was riding “Mickey”.  Of course, he was!

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning so got to watch Lauren work Feather and Mickey in the relative cool space of dawn.  It was a pleasure to spend that time with them.  Feather is coming along so well and looks pretty to boot.  Mickey has had a cough.  The vet was out yesterday and was troubled by what she heard.  He has visit with another doctor to scope his esophagus scheduled.  We are hoping it is not serious and doesn’t require a visit to Texas A&M vet hospital. 

Lauren got new riding boots and is at home petting them right now.  Doesn’t take much to keep her happy!

PuppyGirl is quite reluctant to go in the horse’s paddock.  And they say Yorkie’s are stupid.  She seems to be feeling okay and did her long pasture walk with the other dogs last night.  She says “no horses, Granny!”

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