PuppyGirl is a Soccer Ball for Feather

PuppyGirl, resting after her wild ride.

This is not a good story, but it ends up okay.  Certainly not because of anything I did that was right.

Yesterday was a day for chores.  We had the stall wall rebuilt on Friday.  We were at the horse show Saturday so Sunday we wanted to get Mickey moved to the new stall and Kid to Mickey’s old stall.  First, we had to move several loads of sand to bring the newly re-built stall up to the right height and level.  We got a few hundred pounds of pelleted shavings from Tractor Supply and were working away.

The horses had been out in the far back pasture all day.  I decided to get the three little dogs out for awhile and brought them to the barn.  Lula (the dachshund), Sneaky (the Corgi) and PuppyGirl (aka Gia-the baby Yorkie) were spending some time lounging in the shade, rolling in the sand and just hanging out on the hot, Sunday afternoon.

As PuppyGirl likes to wander off, I had her attached by a leash to the Corgi who was on a separate leash.  Lula hangs around pretty well and she was not tied up.  I had attached the Corgi’s leash to the corner of the tackroom, provided the dogs with a bowl of water and all was going okay.  I do this the same way in the evening when I go out to hay the horses and it works fine.  Except in the evening, all the horses are put away in their stalls. 

It never occurred to me that the horses could come in from the pasture at any time.  They hadn’t moved much all day long.  It was stupid.  I should know by now to think of the worst thing that can happen and plan for that.  All I had to do was shut the gate.  But I didn’t.

Suddenly Feather was in the barn paddock.  She had passed the dogs on the way in without harm but I knew if she was there, the others would not be far behind. 

Next mistake-I yelled at Lauren to shut gate.  I should have directed her to grab the dogs.  But I didn’t. 

Lula turned and ran toward me. Tiny PuppyGirl and Sneaky were stretched on their leashes across the gateway entrance from the pasture.  Feather freaked when she found herself alone in front of the barn and took off at a run to get back to the herd.

There was never time to get the gate shut.  Feather was clothes-lined by the leashes and three pound PuppyGirl was sent airborne, catapulted, over and over, as Feather pulled the line along.  The 1000 pound horse carried the miniature puppy along, moving her like a rolling, bouncing soccer ball until she disengaged her about fifty feet from the gate.

I figured her for dead.  The horses took off again for the back pasture and I watched horrified as PG was on the ground turning in circles.  Lauren ran to her.  I was already thinking about the cost of a Sunday, emergency vet bill and how I would tell Lauren we would have to put the dog down.  Lauren cradled her in her arms.  I got the other dogs and we headed to the house. 

There was no blood but PuppyGirl was shaking although bright eyed.  Lauren tentatively set her down and I was pleased to see her walk bearing weight successfully on all four feet.  She seemed disoriented but okay.  I was amazed.  Lauren speculated that she had probably been turning in circles because she was so dizzy from being rolled over and over.  It was like a child after their first ride at Disney.  PG had just gotten off “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” and she didn’t know quite what to think.

I don’t deserve for this story to have a happy ending but am very grateful that PuppyGirl as a soccer ball didn’t end poorly. Oh, Feather was fine as well. I told you before that the Yorkie’s are a hardy breed but I certainly would never recommend this trauma to find out.

If you riding along with me at Six Meadow Farm leave me a comment now and again.  I appreciate you sharing the ride.

1 thought on “PuppyGirl is a Soccer Ball for Feather

  1. This sounds scary, glad all the animals are o.k. You are a very busy lady. The animals are lucky to have you and Lauren to care for them.

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